Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Bold Stance: ‘Neutral on 9/11’

Kennedy addresses past controversies, shifts focus to transparency.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Bold Stance: ‘Neutral on 9/11’
© Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Amid mounting controversy stemming from his independent presidential campaign, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for President, has come out and taken a noncommittal position on 9/11 conspiracy theories. After a week of controversy, including se-ual misconduct allegations and even reports about Kennedy's unique diet habits, he remains ambiguous on one of the darkest days in US history.

Kennedy elaborated on his position in a post to X-To-Be-Named-Twitter: "It's hard for me, people see and if it is not the conspiracy - so what do you think? When conspiracy theories are in anyways believable, it is because the government lies to its citizens as a matter of course.

If elected President, I will not associate myself with anyone 9/11 theory or other contentious issues. But I can promise you the dawn of a generation deeply committed to transparency at every level of government." And pursuing his even-handed tone, Kennedy elaborated on his objective to not take sides in a number of current controversies -kicking off with refutations which appear upon the face of it more non-partisan.

Kennedy Clarifies Saudi Link

Days later, in a clarification on X, Kennedy referred to the talk show and noted that it followed an episode of "CBS 60 Minutes" revisiting speculation about Saudi complicity. It comes after ABC News footage recently emerged of a man linked to 9/11 hijackers that showed him scouting out U.S.

landmarks in 2009... Retired FBI Agent Richard Lamber said that the man was probably "attending this to develop information so they could plan [an] attack for some Al Qaeda operatives. Though these revelations emerged, the 9/11 Commission Report in 2004 found that it had "found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior officials within the Saudi government funded al-Qaida.

But almost 24 years on, families of some victims still push for more inquiries into Saudi links to the attacks. He has also poked copies at alternative conspiracies in 9/11. A year ago, he suggested that "it's the one reason I have trouble with some of what happened to it (World Trade Center 7), which is brought down by no plane impact.

Kennedy told Peter Bergen in an interview on 'In the Room With Peter Bergen,' "I don't know what occurred 9/11 concerning Dresden's building 7. I know of bizarre stuff, like a building that happened to collapse, although not hit by any plane.

Building 7 or Building 10? Despite Bergen's effort to persuade Kennedy that the structural damage from the crushing Twin Towers was what caused Building 7 to fall, he was not convinced. Kennedy has made a host of controversial statements during his campaign - looking into whether vaccines were linked to autism and that COVID-19 targets people by their race.