Keir Starmer Calls for Unity in First Prime Ministerial Speech

New Prime Minister addresses the nation with unity message

by Zain ul Abedin
Keir Starmer Calls for Unity in First Prime Ministerial Speech
© Leon Neal/Getty Images

Keir Starmer made a great effort today to calm the political sides this afternoon; he spoke to the nation for the first time as Prime Minister. For him, there is fatigue in the heart of the UK, though the society cannot admit this yet.

Outside his new residence at 10 Downing Street, after receiving the King’s blessing, the Labour Party leader said something for all parties and people. He was addressing fellow citizens who rejected Labour, hence being considerate.

"If you voted Labour yesterday we will carry the responsibility of our trust as we rebuild our country, but whether you voted for us or not - in fact especially if not - I say to you directly my government will serve you," said Starmer.

While paying a clear shot at Corbyn, Starmer noted that the Labour would govern "unburdened by doctrine, guided by a determination to serve your interests, to defy those who have written our country off." Interjecting the challenges and Ida of criticism against the politicians, Starmer observed, "When the gap between sacrifices made by people and the service they receive from politicians grows this big, it leads to weariness in the heart of a nation."

A Call for Unity

He said that this was going to be so much harder to solve because this trust was going to take a lot more than lip service to rebuild.

Addressing the need for change, he said, "Our country needs a big reset – a rediscovery of who we are. There are people who were doing the right thing and felt they were recognized before yet as soon as the cameras stopped rolling their lives are ignored.

I want to say very clearly to those people - not this time." Starmer also try to be cordial towards his now former rival Rishi Sunak and recognizes Sunak as "the first British Asian Prime Minister of our country and the extra effort that will have required." While Sunak expressed his goodwill towards Starmer in words, saying, "a decent, public-spirited man, whom I respect," and hand over the keys to Number 10.

Labour had a clear win; the Conservatives suffered a huge blow coupled with the entrance of Nigel Farage’s Reform UK. There are two more seats left for counting but for all intents and purposes it appears that this is the final result.