Killer Mike Revisits Grammy Arrest in Latest Track 'Humble Me'

Rapper confronts legal challenges with community and grace

by Zain ul Abedin
Killer Mike Revisits Grammy Arrest in Latest Track 'Humble Me'
© Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The highly regarded Atlanta rapper Killer Mike released the new song "Humble Me" this past Sunday, June 30. The track came shortly after his touching acceptance speech on the BET Awards, during which he received the award for the album of the year.

While giving his speech, he described an incident that recently happened where he was arrested at the Grammys. The 49-year-old rapper used the new song and an interesting video in black and white to expand on the circumstances of the 2024 Grammy arrest.

On the track, Killer Mike raps vividly about his experience: "I won at the Grammys for spitting my grammar, did that for Atlanta / Did that for Atlanta, bruh, swept up like a janitor / Got sent to the slammer, bruh," he raps on the track’s third verse.

"Treat me like an animal or some kind of Hannibal, vicious and cannibal The Devil be doing you, right when you doing it, the Devil'll ruin you." The occurrence was on Sunday, February 4, where Killer Mike, whose birth name is Michael Render, was arrested in handcuffs during the Grammy pre-broadcast after claiming the best rap song, the best rap performing, and best rap album.

The scene was brought to the limelight by video footage that was taken by The Hollywood Reporter prompting debates in the various platforms.

Killer Mike Cleared

Subsequent to the arrest, Killer Mike released a statement in regard to the misunderstanding and the behavior of an excessive security guard.

He sought to calm down his fans and fellow workers that he is well and is equally certain of being vindicated for any wrong doing. His strength did not waver as he had to face this with the help of his team and community members.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, later on June 26th, made a statement that they would not be pressing any criminal charges against the rapper. They established that all the prescribed community service by Render had been done, which gave an indication that the legal issues of the incident had been brought to a conclusion.

Fans cheered the featured guest rapper, Killer Mike, as he came on stage for the performance during the BET Awards at Los Angeles’ Peacock Theater. He confidently proclaimed, "Technically, I was not supposed to be here.

I was put in handcuffs, and I was marched out of this building. But I want to tell you — look at God, because I’m back, baby. I’m back and I’m living." His speech focused on the support from BET and the black community in ensuring that he gets a chance to come back again and prove that he is still alive.