Biden Confirms Medical Check-Up Following Troubled Debate, Seeks Democratic Unity

Biden addresses health concerns amid election campaign pressures.

by Nouman Rasool
Biden Confirms Medical Check-Up Following Troubled Debate, Seeks Democratic Unity
© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden confirmed he had a mini-medical exam after the debate last week. He delivered an upbeat prognosis during a meeting with 20 governors, attempting to tamp down re-emerging speculation about his health as he considers another presidential run in 2024.

Biden's mental acuity was questioned at 81 after a tough debate performance—his stumbling responses - were blamed on a mix of cold and jet lag by critics. The event also ignited renewed speculation about his ability to stay in the race, with top Democrats airing doubts publicly that he was able to keep up a campaign against Donald Trump, who's now ahead by six points.

Under these pressures, Biden told those at the one-hour meeting that he was in good health. Two sources familiar with the meeting quote the president as knocking on wood and saying, "I'm absolutely picking well up" about his readiness to campaign even more.

Biden's Routine Check-Up

Additional details from an insider said the president's check-up was routine, not part of a comprehensive examination that would result in widespread tests but focused instead on symptoms associated with his cold.

The answer to that question came only after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was forced by reporters "aggressively seeking answers" about the president's health. Repeating the administration's adherence to a policy of openness about Presidential health through regular physicals during a press briefing, she stated that.

The question on health reached its summit when Andrew Feinberg of The Independent asked Jean-Pierre about the rumors surrounding Biden's cognitive health. She instantly dismissed the idea of degenerative diseases and deflected mentioning complaints by saying, "Okay take that same crap - apply it to Donald Trump.

While conceding that Biden did not perform well in the Atlanta debate, Jean-Pierre concluded he was up to snuff, saying "He knows how to deliver for the American people." Jill Biden, the first lady, has echoed this in an interview with Vogue saying they don't want to hear about it anymore adding that, Let us talk about the president.

While Biden gears up for a make-or-break interview on ABC News' World News Tonight with George Stefanopoulos, he is unbowed in the race. On a pre-Sept. 10 Zoom call with his campaign staff, Booker brazenly announced he would be staying in the race and dispelled any rumors about resignation.