49ers' McCaffrey Slams Influencer for 'Evil' Comment on Olivia Culpo's Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Sparks Heated Online Debate

by Nouman Rasool
49ers' McCaffrey Slams Influencer for 'Evil' Comment on Olivia Culpo's Wedding Dress
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Currently, Carolina Panthers running back and the reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year, McCaffrey, wed former Miss Universe Culpo. However, their joyous occasion was met with backlash from a fashion photographer regarding Culpo’s wedding gown.

Self-described wedding dress designer Kennedy Bingham, known by her online alias “Gown Eyed Girl,” took to social media to voice her displeasure with Culpo’s Dolce & Gabbana long-sleeved ballgown, which she said was “modest.

” McCaffrey did not brook such a comment at all. In response to Bingham’s criticism, he demanded that she remove the video, calling her post “evil”. In the comment section of Instagram, he said, “What an evil thing to post online.

I hope you can find joy and peace in the world the way my beautiful wife does." However, Bingham admitted it was a ‘simple’ yet ‘elegant dress’ that she described as having ‘no personality,’ and she concluded her video by stating, ‘From Miss Universe to Miss Pick Me, Olivia Culpo is earning her crown.’ Olivia Culpo addressed Bingham’s video on TikTok, saying that she is a ‘weird human.

’ Bingham was most likely triggered by Culpo’s previous remark on not seeking a dress that had ‘any se-ual connotation. ’ Culpo told Vogue in June that she wanted a gown that would be as serious as that promise.

Bingham's Counterargument

Bingham then countered Culpo for her views, “It has little to do with how long and happy marriage you will have based on what you wear on your wedding day. “She also rejected Culpo’s idea about being ‘covered’ as wrongheaded adding that you are not ‘covered’ in real life.

Bingham also notified Culpo for stating, "McCaffrey said that she felt “most beautiful” when her attire was timeless, covered and elegant." She said, “I also think it’s weird how much she’s talking about coverage, especially as someone who in her day-to-day life is not a modest dresser”.

According to rumors, Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey and former Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo got married on June 29 at the chapel in the state of Rhode Island. McCaffrey had an outstanding 2023 NFL season where he registered a career-high of 1,459 rushing yards, scored 14 rushing and seven receiving touchdowns while being selected to his third Pro Bowl.

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