Burglars Hit Marlon Wayans' L.A. Residence, Brother Keenen Inside

Comedian's home falls victim to late-night burglary incident

by Zain ul Abedin
Burglars Hit Marlon Wayans' L.A. Residence, Brother Keenen Inside
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In the latest development, a horrible incident occurred in the acting career of Marlon Wayans that his Los Angeles home was recently broken into, and the family was left in shock. The incident occurred last Saturday at 2:30 AM while Marlon was out of the house; however, Keenen Ivory Wayans, his brother, was at home during the ordeal.

As reported by the officials of law enforcement, the thieves knew what they were doing and acted more or less like professionals. They were also able to access the backyard, then proceeded to break one of the windows at the back of the house to get in.

Although it was quite late when the break-in was taking place, some of the noise seemed to wake Keenen up. But he dismissed his senses as the disturbance and went back to sleep without any idea that the crime was still ongoing.

Morning Aftermath Revealed

The consequence was only posted later that morning. A staff member of Marlon Wayans returned at about 8:00 AM and found that the house was completely burglarized. The burglars managed to take away a safe and several thousand dollars cash.

According to the sources, Keenen got a rude shock waking from bed to be informed of the theft. This burglary is one in a series of worrisome incidences that have been reported in Los Angeles targeting celebrities’ houses.

Not long ago, the houses of ex-NBA player Patterson and of the present NBA player Horton-Tucker were burglarized in the same manner. Cameras in the neighborhood are being studied to monitor the incident with the aim of identifying the attackers, but the police have not yet detained anyone.

The police have called on people, especially celebrities, to tighten their security and open their eyes. These unfortunate incidents have raised the attention of both the police and members within the celebrities’ circle.

At the same time, the Wayans family is already experiencing the consequences of this violation and striving not to facilitate another such situation. Marlon Wayans another bright star in the comedy movies and who has the Wayans in his lineage has also not uttered a word about the break-in.