Morgan Wallen Throws Fan's Phone Back at Denver Concert

Country Star Faces Unusual Fan Behavior on Tour

by Zain ul Abedin
Morgan Wallen Throws Fan's Phone Back at Denver Concert
© Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

In concert at Denver’s Mile High stadium, one of the most famous country musicians, Morgan Wallen, was recently faced with an uncommon disruption. While playing a song "Cowgirls" by him on Thursday, June 27, Wallen was hit by a phone, which was tossed by one of the spectators.

The moment is recorded through the fans and it appears that there is a phone that hit the side of Wallen’s shoulder before falling on the floor. In the matter of vulgar language and aggression, Wallen’s reaction was very composed, flinging the phone off the stage and proceeded with his dance as if the incident did not upset him at all.

This event is the next in line of several shameful and encroaching fan events regarding several artists. It has increased since last summer and is deemed to pose several safety risks not only to the performer but also to the fans.

Examples include Bebe Rexha, who got severe injuries in New York City after a phone hit her face; Harry Styles, who similarly was threatened in his European tour, and Kelsea Ballerini, who was hit in the eye by a bracelet during an Idaho concert.

Also, during her concerts, Ava Max was one day attacked by a woman who slapped her while on stage during her performance in Los Angeles.

Wallen's Lighthearted Response

Legal counsels to Wallen have not made any comments on the Denver event despite being asked.

This absence of commentary from officialdom also opens up questions about possible ways of increasing security in such processes. Profoundly, Wallen was involved in another peculiar event on June 21st. In delivering his performance in Minneapolis, a lady threw a thong at him.

The garment fell again over his hat, and Wallen caught it gratefully, smiled, and threw it back to the audience. This occurrence was also recorded by the audience and proved that Wallen did not take incidents seriously and tried to find a joke in it.

Wallen is already halfway through his 2024 One Night at a Time World Tour that kicked off in Indianapolis in April this year. He’s lined up shows in North America and plans to conclude his performance on the 9th of August in Las Vegas.

The continuous incidents' occurrences emphasize the artists' threat resulting from the fans' aggressive actions, which makes it pertinent to implement higher protection standards to guarantee the performers’ security and the musicianship’s deserved deep respect.