Eddie Murphy Jokes About Kids' Romance: 'Expect a Funny Baby from Our Gene Pool'

Unexpected romance blooms within a Hollywood family circle.

by Nouman Rasool
Eddie Murphy Jokes About Kids' Romance: 'Expect a Funny Baby from Our Gene Pool'
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Two great comedians, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, famous for their starring in the comedy ‘Boomerang’ shared their views on the fresh relations between their kids. A little over a week ago, Murphy opened up to CBS Mornings about his son Eric Murphy dating Jasmin Lawrence, Martin Lawrence’s daughter.

They are children of two of the biggest stars of the 90s; their parents were in the 1992 popular movie “Boomerang” and later in “Life” (1999).

Reflecting on the couple, Murphy remarked, "They're both beautiful, they look amazing together—and it's funny, everybody’s asking, 'Will the baby be funny?'" His light-hearted prediction about their future offspring: ”We’re going to have this funny baby”.

, This humor conveys the joy the two families have for each other and the future happiness for the upcoming generation. Finally, there was a question about everyone’s reaction when they first got to know about this relationship of their children to this Murphy replied, “We just was like, ‘It’s cool.’ Yeah, it was cool.

We thought it was cool. ” These ‘Yes, yes; indeed, indeed’ gestures describe the supportive position of both parents. Most of them were funny, and to add to the jokes, he began to imagine other family functions, saying, “If they ever get married and have a child, I am expecting the child to be funny.

Star-Crossed Lovers Meet

Jasmin Lawrence is referred to as the oldest child of Martin, and Eric Murphy, the oldest among Eddie’s 10 children, started their involvement in 2021. From people magazine, the two met through an introduction by Jasmim’s uncle rather than through their noted fathers, making the celeb couple’s love story more interesting.

Martin Lawrence did have a somewhat different image in another interview; in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2022, he looked much more composed. He said: “We kind of just stay out of their business and let them do their own thing and respect their thing,” implying how both families were discreet in the affairs of the other.

The humor ensued when Kimmel asked who was planning to pay for the wedding if it ever might happen, and Lawrence replied, “I’m gonna try to get Eddie to pay for it. ” Murphy's response to Lawrence's jest was swift and playful, captured in an ETalk interview: This is not possible no, no, no, no, no.

I just attended my daughter’s wedding and I had to pay. Yes, I really had to pay you as well, Martin. Let there be no switching, let there be no turning, no changing, no s—-, this wedding is paid by Martin, and it better be wonderful.

During the interview, Murphy also spoke about his parenting style and said that he did not beat his kids but considered himself a ‘cool dad. ’However, he noted that he was also engaged in different aspects of the children’s lives, including school plays, from which one can deduce that he is very responsible.