Neil Gaiman Refutes Se-ual Assault Claims by Two Women

Exploring Deep Allegations in a New Investigative Podcast Series.

by Nouman Rasool
Neil Gaiman Refutes Se-ual Assault Claims by Two Women
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Best-selling author Neil Gaiman has responded to claims of se-ual assault made in a Tortoise Media podcast. The series, called "Master: the Allegations Against Neil Gaiman", came out on Wednesday — made up of four parts and it goes into the original allegations by two women who were se-ually involved with Gaiman at around those times.

The first accuser, Scarlett — identified as a 23-year-old former nanny for Gaiman’s own child — described an incident in New Zealand from February of this year. Hours after that first encounter, she claims Gaiman assaulted her in a bath.

Gaiman says otherwise: although some hugging and kissing happened, he has characterized the interaction as a consensual cuddling session He admitted only to digital penetration since starting their three-week relationship.

Scarlett's Harrowing Claims

Scarlett states, however that while they had some consensual encounters together, he also engaged in non-consensually rough and degrading acts. The mother-of-six previously spoke of a painful fight after the intensity led to her losing consciousness, explaining: "That pain was biblical." She said that when she begged him to stop, Gaiman laughed and maintained that she was "supposed to be punished" before beating her with his belt.

Elsewhere, Gaiman denied these allegations to Tortoise. The second, known as K, met Gaiman in 2003 at a Florida book signing when although she was not clear on her age at the time of their meeting. She says they transitioned into a love affair when she was 20; Gaiman, in his mid-forties.

K said her interactions were rough and painful, responding specifically one instance when Gaiman continued to have s-x with her during a urinary tract infection despite that she told him it hurt so much to the point he was making blood urine while - crying out "screaming" in pain.

Gaiman had also denied these accusations and stated that they were very upsetting to hear. While K did not file a police report in response to the allegations, Scarlett made one with New Zealand objection cops back in October 2022.

The police refused his offer of help, said Gaiman, implying that the complaint didn't have much substance. However, the New Zealand police told Tortoise they had a "complicated inquiry under way" but were hampered by dispersal around the globe.