Pop Songwriter Buzz Cason, Creator of 'Everlasting Love,' Dies at 84

Legacy of 'Everlasting Love' spans across film and television

by Zain ul Abedin
Pop Songwriter Buzz Cason, Creator of 'Everlasting Love,' Dies at 84
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Buzz Cason, a singer, songwriter, and producer from Nashville, famous for "Everlasting Love," died on June 16 in his Franklin residence. His death was later confirmed by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum; however, the details of his death were not revealed.

After Robert Knight first recorded the song 'Everlasting Love,' the song has been covered many times and used in numerous films and TV shows; the most recognizable and memorable part of the song is undoubtedly the chorus.

The lyrics were written by Cason and Mac Gayden and the song was introduced to disco hint with Carl Carlton’s 1974 rendition. In the U.K., the song reached the charts in 1968 with a version from the London-based pop band Love Affair.

Subsequent artists who have recorded and popularized "Everlasting Love" are Gloria Estefan, Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet, U2, German singer Sandra, the Australian pop group Town Criers and the UK boy band Worlds Apart, and most recently, the cast of the BBC show Casualty for charity in 1998.

BMI reported that more than 10 million plays of different versions of this song place it among the most popular songs of Nashville.

Movie and TV Highlights

The song has also been featured in many movies and TV productions.

Most notably, this dance was performed in a 1994 episode of the popular TV show The Bold and The Beautiful by Bobbie Eakes and Jeff Trachta. A rendition by the Irish rock band U2 was used in the 2003 film named Veronica Guerin, featuring Kate Blanchett.

Jamie Cullum's cover was included in the 2004 soundtrack of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. It was recently depicted in Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast (2021), where the character played by Jamie Dornan sings it to his wife.

Cason was among the first musicians in Nashville to accept rock and roll, which he took from Gene Vincent, Bo Diddley, and the Clovers. He punched around with a doo-wop group as a teenager called The Casuals, opening for Chubby Checker, Jerry Lee Lewis and Brenda Lee.

In 1962, he co-wrote the song known as "Soldier of Love" for Arthur Anderson; the song was also popularized by such bands as The Beatles, Pearl Jam, and Little Steven. Cason began his songwriting career in the mid-1960s by joining a Beach Boys cover band called Ronny & the Daytonas and composing their 1966 hit "Sandy." He then teamed up with Bobby Russell to create "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro and "Little Green Apples" by O.

C. Smith, among others. Cason wrote and published an autobiography called Living The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream in 2004. He is survived by his wife, Victoria Cason, daughters Tammy, Kristy, and Leah, sons Taylor and Parker, other relatives.