Jin from BTS to Carry Olympic Torch in France's Summer Games Relay

Jin joins global icons in historic Olympic tradition.

by Nouman Rasool
Jin from BTS to Carry Olympic Torch in France's Summer Games Relay
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

BTS: Jin returns to the public with a memorable appearance at the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay. As the first member of BTS to complete his mandatory military service last month, Jin's participation signals a return and represents an even bigger message about harmony and peace.

Representatives from BTS' management agency HYBE had confirmed in a press release dated July 3 that Jin, who is 31 years old, would participate as one of the torchbearers. The swimmer represents South Korea and is supposed to play a role on the team relay in reconciliation and peace The relay began in Olympia, Greece on 25 April and has taken a similar route through France - passing through all of its 65 territories.

It will wrap with the Olympic Games opening ceremony on July 26. Even though Jin's specific itinerary is still secret, he will be one of many torch-bearers making their way through about a dozen or so important French locations.

Symbolic Torchbearers Unite

According to the event's official site, 11,000 people around this year are relay members that represent at least one fundamental value of the Paris 2024 Olympics carrying selection. Consequently, such torchbearers as 1996's Muhammad Ali and 2012's David Beckham form a symbolic procession marking the starting of the Games in France.

A CNN report recounted how Jin became the first BTS member required to complete South Korea's 18-month military service mandate for all able-bodied men at age of 28, starting in late-2022. His fellow BTS members J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook.

V and RM greeted him with a warm welcome on June 12 at the military base in Yeoncheon, South Korea, after he completed his time of service. The group posted an image on X (formerly Twitter) Wednesday to commemorate the occasion with a photo that showed balloons and happy faces.

That same day, Jin met with his fans in a Weverse live broadcast and thanked them for the outpouring of love. He subtly teased his upcoming projects, indication that he would be focusing on music and variety shows. Results will be declared (a few months) but now we request you to give us little relief.