Matthew Perry Held Over $1.5 Million in Bank at Death

Trustees manage Perry's estate posthumously, integrating assets.

by Nouman Rasool
Matthew Perry Held Over $1.5 Million in Bank at Death
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More than eight months after the death of Matthew Perry at 54, details about the financial situation of the famous actor of the popular show “Friends” have emerged. Documents released to the public in recent past show that Perry hosted cash balance of more than one million dollars.

five million dollars in virtually in his personal bank account at the time of his death. This came in an inventory and appraisal document, a legal paper containing details of the estate, which was filled by one Lisa Ferguson, a trustee of Perry’s estate, and which was obtained by a major publication, on Tuesday, July 2.

Ark also pointed to other records that the investigation found that Perry has an assessed value of more than $1 million plus of his personal property. This house, as well as the most of the possessions, was transferred to the “Alvy Singer Living Trust” created by Perry in 2009.

Also known as ‘Alvy Singer’ from Annie Hall this trust also included his parents with detailed description John Perry and Suzanne Morrison, his half-sister Caitlin Morrison and Rachel Dunn as the beneficiary.

Excluding Heir Provision

Notably, Perry’s will specifically provided that any child he might have provided shall not be entitled to receive anything out of his estate—a rather hypothetical issue as the actor never seemed to sire.

Lately, the trustees of the estate and the trust are Ferguson Robin Ruzan who have been engaged in the process of integrating the whole assets of the late into the trust after his death. Perry's death on October 28, 2023, was confirmed in his Los Angeles home, following a response to a medical emergency by the Los Angeles Fire Department at 4:07 p.

m. An autopsy was conducted and this established that he died of ketamine toxicity, combined with drowning, coronary artery disease and side effects of buprenorphine, which is used to treat opioid dependent subjects. Commentators said that despite Perry being clean for 19 months, he could not have had the ketamine lingering in his system from the last time nearly two weeks before his death.

Since then, the sources of the ketamine detected in Perry’s system have been closely investigated following his death. Authorities such as LAPD, DEA and a U. S. Postal Inspector have been investigating this facet and from a law enforcement source, one could guess that more people could be charged.

Federal prosecuting power is vested in the U. S. Attorney’s Office because as the investigation moves closer to its conclusion.

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