Rudy Giuliani Lands New Role with Mike Lindell

Giuliani joins MyPillow network amid legal and career turmoil.

by Nouman Rasool
Rudy Giuliani Lands New Role with Mike Lindell
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The latest from MyPillow boss Mike Lindell is that he has hired Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City Mayor, as his new employee. The announcement was made during Lindell's appearance on the WarRoom show with Steve Bannon, but this time hosted by guest hosts following bannon getting jailed recently.

Lindell said, "Speaking of Rudy Giuliani... we hired him at He's now part of my network, following Steve Bannon's segment, then Lou Dobbs, and then myself. " The move comes after he was suspended from his daily show on WABC Radio.

The Associated Press reported that he was suspended after spreading unfounded allegations about the 2020 election. Lindell told Newsweek that they cancelled him. He began yesterday, and I am going on his show tonight. He also said that Giuliani would host a daily show the rest of this week on FrankSpeech.

Giuliani's Legal Fallout

The change in the staff occurred when Giuliani recently experienced issues for suspension from practicing law in New York. That verdict was delivered by the New York’s Appellate Division, First Department after he provided falsehoods about the 2020 presidential election.

In a court filing, his impeachment noted Giuliani has 'communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public. The ruling, from a Manhattan appeals court -- and it was more severe than the words "suspended indefinitely" that immediately followed among universal news alerts --- took away Giuliani's license to practice law at all declaring him "disbarred from the practice of law in New York state effective immediately until further order of this Court.

Commenting on the developments, Giuliani's spokesman Ted Goodman defended him against "nonsense" that he said was a byproduct of an attack coordinated and funded by shadowy unseen forces. Mayor Giuliani is exercising his constitutional rights to represent President Trump in an entirely partisan and political prosecution.

Related to the vendetta of the Biden regime against President Trump and all who gamely oppose, only that. Goodman was also defiant, stating that "no matter what they do now," the investigators can't extract from Mayor Giuliani his "chief attributes -- honesty and integrity and love of country.

Just as they have done before with Steve Bannon and others, Mayor Giuliani is being silenced. Well, good luck with that."