Dean McDermott Marks One Year Sober: 'A Beautiful Life Awaits'

Exploring Dean McDermott's personal journey toward self-discovery

by Zain ul Abedin
Dean McDermott Marks One Year Sober: 'A Beautiful Life Awaits'
© Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Canadian actor Dean McDermott recently posted on social media a message that he passed a major personal benchmark - he is now one year sober. McDermott was able to share his victory with his followers and fans on Instagram on July 1 by posting a picture of the countdown board, which shows the number of days he was allowed to perform, 365 days of recovery, the picture was accompanied with a message.

"Last week was an incredible week of love, hugs and recovery," he said. He expressed his gratitude to his network of supporters, such as his sponsor and other sponsees within the recovery fellowship he is in, as well as people at the treatment center called Harmony Place, where he sought help and which he noted as his '1 year birthday.'

Admitted to promoting the idea of help-seeking in his Instagram post, McDermott wrote, "A special thanks to @_harmonyplace J, D and H for saving my life.

If you’re struggling with addiction, just surrender and ask for help, We’re here waiting for you, to love you, until you love yourself. A beautiful life awaits you. Just reach out your hand. #recovery #change."

Understanding Addiction's Depths

Also, he gave his perception of the aspect of addiction that went deeper, as recommended by McDermott.

He described it as not only a problem of substances but an "absence of self." In another post, he shared the concept of recovery is a process to shed the layers of pain and get back to reestablish one’s self. "To love oneself is the begin of the life-time recovery," he pondered, although he used to be skeptical about loving oneself as an essential element in his redemption process.

He also revealed his battle with alcohol for the last twenty years in an interview with the Daily Mail in November 2023. He went on about how untreated addiction kept him in a cycle of being stuck in his addiction for over a decade, in complete solitude, even though his family was right next door.

His experience of chemical dependency and rehabilitation reached its culmination after his latest divorce with Tori Spelling in 2018, which proved how his problems affected his marriages. In sharing his own recovery journey, McDermott is pointing to not only a personal victory in the past year but also becoming a light for others in similar battles to know that recovery is possible, that community and self-forgiveness can help men step out of the shadows of addiction to find redemption.