Elon Musk Rips Kamala Harris for 'Misleading Comments' About Trump on Abortion

Elon Musk critiques Kamala Harris over abortion stance claims.

by Nouman Rasool
Elon Musk Rips Kamala Harris for 'Misleading Comments' About Trump on Abortion
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The owner of the social network X Elon Musk, condemned Vice President Kamala Harris after she “lied” about whether ex-President Donald Trump supported a national ban on abortions. The incident prompted an explosive back-and-forth on the platform, with Musk accusing Harris of "lying", igniting broad backlash and a round-up by fact-checkers.

Taking to Musk's platform, Harris began by saying that "Donald Trump would ban abortion nationwide,” painting herself and President Joe Biden as cancer warriors. The statement was debunked by CNN, BBC News, The Associated Press, and The New York Times, in addition to Trump's posts on the failing social media platform Truth Social.

Context Contrary to the promoted article, Trump has made recent statements on abortion, saying that regulation of it is a state issue, not federal. Trump expressed this perspective in a recent video on Truth Social, saying, "My belief is that now we have an abortion - everybody wanted it; it was taken care of legally." States will be allowed to vote or enact legislation (or both), he said.

And whatever they decide is the law of Big Sur — or, in this case, the state.

Calling Out Lies

Musk further fueled the discussion by calling out Harris on his platform, questioning to what level one can believe politicians and their (lack of) communication skills.

When will politicians, or at least the intern who runs their account learn that lying on this platform doesn't work anymore? Musk asked, Add the platform's Community Notes feature to provide alternative facts and you get...

Last week, a CNN Presidential Debate also spotlighted the ongoing debate surrounding Trump and his abortion position. And when asked to comment on his abortion stance and whether he would block Plan B access, Trump responded: "Well the Supreme Court just approved it [the pill] again; first of all I'm for that decision from a constitutional standpoint-and there will be no changing NOPES." He also renewed his support for the Supreme Court's 2022 decision to reverse Roe v.

Wade, which would return all authority over abortion laws to states individually. Trump praised the move, saying: "I put three great Supreme Court justices on the court and they happened to vote... in favor of killing Roe v. Wade legislation -- moving it back to where it came from-- France or Germany." Despite a poll this year showing that most Americans favor abortion being legal in some form, "This is something that everybody wanted.

Trump then elaborated on his position, specifying that he would be in favor or allowances for rape and insists to mirror the positions of former President Ronald Reagan. "I believe in the exceptions. Trump reaffirmed his stance on the issue, stating "I am a believer," he said, and frankly I believe in seamless exceptions -- very important.

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