Michael Rooker: 'Horizon' Is Cinema, Not TikTok Nonsense

Michael Rooker Speaks on 'Horizon's' Cinematic Journey

by Zain ul Abedin
Michael Rooker: 'Horizon' Is Cinema, Not TikTok Nonsense
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a candid discussion at Los Angeles International Airport, Michael Rooker expressed strong support for Kevin Costner's latest project, "Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1," which occupied a low ranking at the box office.

The film that received $11 million in the first weekend looks completely out of place today - in the world of fast media consumption and short social media videos and films. Maintaining a leading role in the movie, Rooker, at the same time, moved to emphasize the film’s adherence to the main values of Hollywood cinema, developing the characters’ deep motivations and plot twists during three hours of the film.

He fiercely advocates for the project asserting that the movie should be considered genuine cinema, not a mere "TikTok crap."

Rooker Defends 'Horizon'

In the interview, the actor enlightened the viewers with possible factors that led to the movie’s low rating at the initial days of its release.

He stated that complex viewers might have problems with understanding modern conventions of the film’s length and its details contrasting sharply with modular society’s preference for short takes. Yet Rooker does hold out for the huge success of the movie, adding the fact that the cinema might be a "slow-burner" as it is planned to be shown in four episodes, of which the second one is planned to be released in August.

Interestingly, after the release of "Yellowstone," only a few fans responded to the call and participate in the show, and still, Rooker is a true lover of Costner’s idea. He also responded to the audience that was let down by Costner’s exit from the successful television series by affirming to the viewers the right quality and solid of "Horizon." Moving on to the next scene, Rooker remains a loyal supporter and a promoter of the film, asking people to put their blind faith in him and watch the movie that he assures they are going to love because they are tireless seekers of quality motion pictures.