Antony Starr Dives into Homelander’s Milk Obsession: ‘It’s a Really Fun Thing’

Exploring the complexities of Homelander in Season Four.

by Nouman Rasool
Antony Starr Dives into Homelander’s Milk Obsession: ‘It’s a Really Fun Thing’
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In an interview with CinemaBlend, The Boys' star Antony Starr looks back on how Homelander's strange milk fetish first started getting airtime during the show's freshman outing. The series, created by Erick Kripke, infuses its pseudo-superhero characters with elements of black-comedy in the heroic journey for a new era and it has won over hearts with some hilarious twists.

Starr tells Rolling Stone the equally bonkers and hilarious origin of this wheeze: "It started with the scripts, all credit to our amazing writers. It first occurred when Homelander used his X-ray vision on Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) while breastfeeding.

The very jealousy of the child. Season Two started to get bizarre when Homelander found Stillwell's breast milk in a freezer, which was an ironical- but didn't aid the storyline. That's when Starr had the realization: "After lasering it, I started drinking and was like this could be an episodic thing".

This addition of milk became a now-popularised theme and in honesty, high praise to whoever came up with that one as well. Eric and I decided that we would cut in milk as often as possible. He says that "it turned into a fun, recurring thing which fans will absolutely love."

Beyond Homelander's Villainy

Outside the comedy of the series, Starr sought to bring depth to Homelander and show that he is more than just a bad guy.

He discusses the nuanced psychology of a character who was raised in an underground lab from childhood. They delve into this aspect of him more in the fourth season, and specifically in an episode entitled 'Homecoming. He also talks about the inevitable Trump comparisons to his character and how stories like these need to be less caricatured and more appealing.

What we were doing was writing a nuanced character, something that went beyond what you would call the villains at its simplest level. "It's not entirely reflective of the time — it also comes from his personal history and ambitions," Starr explains of Homelander's actions.

Homelander has an obsession with milk that goes as far back to the beginning of Season 3 which would make you even more curious about how he managed at this point in his life, and sounds like a scene coI expected. He milks one cow in its farm along who can give people some strength by drinking it abuse is very much shown from past meantime admiration now.