Jamie Dornan Shares Texts with 'Fifty Shades' Co-Star Dakota Johnson

Exploring the enduring friendship beyond the camera's gaze.

by Nouman Rasool
Jamie Dornan Shares Texts with 'Fifty Shades' Co-Star Dakota Johnson
© Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Years after their iconic roles in "Fifty Shades of Grey," Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's friendly relationship is stronger than ever. Speaking to Metro at the Into Film Awards on July 1, Dornan recently described himself and Johnson as nothing short of 'best mates' while hinting that a reunion in London could be just around the corner.

Read more: I was just texting with her the other day," Dornan said. 2 I think she is London bound a little over the next few weeks, so want to catch up with her and Chris for dinner The connection between the actors seems to have moved far beyond business into personal territory, demonstrating clearly that there is great mutual respect and fondness entrenched in its roots.

Unbroken Bond Endures

This is a feeling Johnson shares. She went on to say in a June 2022 interview with Vanity Fair, "Related was my relationship corollary between Dornan and me. "Maybe that gives people something... For a solid 23 years we were not speaking to each other in any shape, form or fashion but I was able to overlook it.

He turned to me and said, "I know it's so cliche but he is practically like a brother considering how long we have been friends. Her words reiterate the bond that was formed on set, a relationship built on trust and encouragement.

We leaned on each other a lot. We had to put our trust in one another, and we knew that it was preserve each other," Johnson said about their time together. Anyway, not all of it was a reunion tour for Johnson in the U.K. Attending the Glastonbury Festival to support her fiancé Chris Martin Additionally, Martin's band Coldplay headlined on June 29 -- a very proud moment for Johnson (who was joined by Martin's kids from his prior marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, Apple and Moses ).

In a March Bustle interview, Johnson revealed why she loves Martin's singing. His wife admitted: "I love watching him. I could watch him every day. It is like watching my most favorite creature do his very most favorite thing. " Her comments strike up not only her close connection to Martin but also his artistry.