Kevin Costner Predicted 'Horizon' Box Office Flop Due to Opening Weekend Hype

Exploring "Horizon's" ambitious narrative and star-studded ensemble.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Costner Predicted 'Horizon' Box Office Flop Due to Opening Weekend Hype
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Kevin Costner's recent foray into the world of cinema, "Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1," got off to a rough start as well with just $11 million at the box office against its hefty $100 million price tag. The film also under performed somewhat, a problem considering that star Kevin Costner was himself an investor in the project to the tune of around $38 million.

Warner Bros. distributed by a managed distribution company, which however did not cover the expense of marketing and therefore increased Costner's financial risk. Costner added, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly on the day of that film's premiere: He said: "I've had it with movies and how they are stated in their opening weekend.

And if we put so much pressure on that, our bound to be disappointed. I'm just so glad ‘Horizon' looks like it's supposed to look, and that is exactly how it will always be. And that is very important to me in this process.

While his hopes were somewhat cautious, Costner admitted that he had high hope for the film. Do we wish it to be very, very successful? he pondered. "Of course, I'd like that. That would be good for my ego; who wouldn't? But best of all, I am happiest that the movie you and I are speaking about looks how it should look.

Horizon's Western Tapestry

Its first drama series, "Horizon," features multiple interconnected narratives in a Western-themed epic space. In the film, Costner leads as a single cowboy assisting Abbey Lee's woman in desperation and he is joined by Sienna Miller (Tomb Raider) who stars as a range town massacre survivor while Luke Wilson assumes to play an aftermath sonnetron head.

But the critics were not so generous, with many declaring that it played like a pilot for a TV show instead of an independent feature film. Reception was lukewarm and the box office modest, but "Horizon" remains a franchise in producer plans.

Warner Bros. has set a target of Aug. 16 for the second installment and Costner is already in production on No. Only this initial installment's performance leaves open the question of whether a fourth film await. Debuting in theaters nationwide, "Horizon: An American Saga -- Chapter 1" is now available to see for all audiences who were intrigued by Costner's vision, and though the journey was a costly one from inception to projection under how much support it could have garnered on paper had little bearing since Cinemascope just didn't quite work out.

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