Ian McKellen Exits 'Player Kings' Tour After Suffering Fall

Ian McKellen suffers stage mishap, halts tour participation

by Zain ul Abedin
Ian McKellen Exits 'Player Kings' Tour After Suffering Fall
© WPA Pool/Getty Images

English theatre artist Sir Ian McKellen has pulled out from the "Player Kings" tour after an unfortunate event on the 17th of June. Some of the injuries include a fractured wrist for McKellen. This was amongst other injuries that prompted him to leave for health check-up.

It happened during a performance, and subsequent to that, the performance was stopped abruptly. While he first wanted to return to the set to perform in the play’s UK tour, McKellen has now listened to doctors and properly recovered.

The actor took to the social media platform to share a public apology over the occurrence. "Two weeks after my accident onstage, my injures improve day to day," McKellen said. "It is with the greatest reluctance that I have accepted the medical advice to protect my full recovery by not working in the meantime." He insisted on his regret for missing the next shows that are due in Bristol, Birmingham, Norwich, and Newcastle, among others.

He further said, "I had been so looking forward to travelling with the production," to capture the extent of his interest in travel.

McKellen's Health Update

McKellen’s replacement has not been confirmed, though a recent substitute, David Semark, who portrayed John Falstaff during the company’s last run at the Noël Coward Theatre in London’s West End shall assume the role for the rest of the tour.

Frankly speaking, in an interview with the Deadline, McKellen expressed optimism about his health, "Doctors have assured me that my recovery will be complete and speedy and I am looking forward to returning to work”.

This has given some comfort to his fans and other people who knew him personally and professionally. Sir Ian McKellen is 85 years, and he has incredibly active acting career of more than sixty years, during which he received Tony Award, six Olivier Awards, one Golden Globe, as well as BAFTAs and Emmys.

He has also been nominated for two Oscars. Regarded as a prominent cultural icon in Britain, McKellen was knighted in 1991 by Queen Elizabeth II. This actor will always be remembered for his performance as Gandalf in the "Lord of the Rings" series, and people adore him for this role.