Biden Appeals to Donors Amid Debate Performance Concerns

Biden Focuses on Campaign Resilience Beyond Debate Challenges.

by Nouman Rasool
Biden Appeals to Donors Amid Debate Performance Concerns
© Allison Joyce/Getty Images

President Joe Biden tried to reassure donors and boost his own morale after a tough turn in the debate, appearing at fundraiser hosted by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Though he admitted his debate performance could have been better, Biden vowed to take on Donald Trump, calling him a "real threat" to the country.

He also cautioned that if President Trump comes back, democratic concerns will be eroded along with inflation. After his debate struggles even some Democrats are now wondering about the perils of a Trump threatened with prosecution after January 6 if he is unseated by an 81-year-old.

The New York Times Editorial Board advised Biden to think twice about his 2020 campaign, calling it a 'reckless gamble' following an uneven debate performance in which he struggled for coherence.

Biden's Resilient Weekend

Despite this, Biden has kept a packed calendar.

On Saturday, he was at two East Hampton events. One was at Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Avram Glazer's house and the other at investor Barry Rosenstein's residence. Barry's wife Lizanne Rosenstein extolled the political resiliency of Biden, pointing out his ability to bounce back in politics that going through myriad hardships.

At the forums, Biden appeared and ripped Trumps presidency citing his veterans policies while also noting comparative debate shortcomings that plague Trump. He cited post-debate polling data that showed a Democratic surge, rejecting the deceptive ways of Trump.

Following the debate, Biden's campaign announced he had enjoyed a big fundraising bump - collecting more than $27 million. The sum included $3 million raised at a New York City event centered on the LGBTQ+ community. Following the debate, First Lady Jill Biden opened up about a moment when her husband expressed to her his own self-doubts.

Her encouragement was a reminder that his presidency is so much bigger than this one momentary lapse. While Biden planned a weekend retreat at Camp David to reflect on his strategy, the White House pushed back against rumors of course reviews.

Democratic donors from places like New York and Silicon Valley, meanwhile conferred privately about Biden's campaign prospects - contingencies included Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Vice President Kamala Harris alternately as his replacement.