Eddie Murphy Calls Out 'SNL' for 'Racist' Mockery

Eddie Murphy Reflects on Painful 'SNL' Joke from the Past.

by Nouman Rasool
Eddie Murphy Calls Out 'SNL' for 'Racist' Mockery
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Eddie Murphy recalls the joke that 'Saturday Night Live' made of a career slump The comedian said he was "devastated" by a 1995 joke directed at him while reminiscing in an interview with The New York Times. Murphy also opened up about his experience on the iconic sketch show during an interview and what it means for him.

He described one joke as a “cheap shot,” with racist connotations. A year later, in December 1995 during a "Hollywood Minute" sketch on Saturday Night Live (featuring regular David Spade), Murphy's box office bomb Vampire in Brooklyn was made fun of by the SNL cast member.

In a photo of Murphy, Spade said “here we go kids…a shooting star. Make a wish”. That joke was 'too far' for Murphy, one of Revival's biggest names who helped make the show a smash hit in the 1980s. ” [Laughs] “It was like, Yo!

I'm one of the family, and you're doing me like this? Murphy: "It's kind of hurt my feelings, He was particularly offended by the bit given his integral place in TV history. You got out of that show and — soon after, you were the biggest thing in the world,” Murphy said.

If I hadn't gone back on the show, it would have been cancelled. And you have someone from the cast taking a jab at my career now? “and I know he can't just say that.

Joke Approval Process

Murphy said that sort of joke has "to be greenlit through 4-5 different people" to make it up on air, suggesting producers OK'd the spot.

“First a joke has to pass through these layers. Thats why the producers came up with this. All the people on that show, you never heard nobody talk bad about no anybody's career before. It was personal. It was almost like, ‘Dude, what the fuck were you thinking doing that? My career? Really? A joke about my career? I thought that was a low blow, so I...

And it was kind of racist”. This did not come without feeling bewildered but sent Murph peace.FileReader Interactions Long story short, all good in the end.! I got no beef with David Spade, I got no bugaboo for Lorne Michaels,” he said.

That was followed by a return for the show's 40th anniversary in 2015 and once more to host four years later. “Fell back started letting them fly smh man…love,” Murphy tweeted, adding: “And some cheap shots. Love tho…”