Kanye West's Firm Faces Lawsuit, Bianca Accused of Sending P-rn to Staff

New lawsuit targets Kanye West for workplace misconduct.

by Nouman Rasool
Kanye West's Firm Faces Lawsuit, Bianca Accused of Sending P-rn to Staff
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Kanye West Sued for Allegedly Ripping Off App to Help Sell Music and Create 'Racist' Work Environment with Hellish Conditions The lawsuit also states that his wife, Bianca Censori, sent porno films to employees who are minors.

Kanye West has been hit with a lawsuit over the exclusive presidential campaign committee that he formed earlier this week Filed in U.S. District Court, the suit names Kanye and former chief of staff Milo Yiannopoulos as defendants Those allegations include charges of "forced labor and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment." Kids working endless hours, adults toiling in the fields and being called Mon New Slaves - all unpaid while understanding they were promised paymentongoing lawsuits allege.

Kanye West released the Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music-competitive streaming service app YZYVSN in spring 2024. He gave the example of his new albums "Vultures" and "Vultures 2," claiming he wanted to steer clear from these companies and pay them for promotion.

Kanye and Milo brought on an overseas dev team, which acc. to the lawsuit included Black members - as well at least one child developer aged 14 or so.

Remote Work Dynamics

Employees worked miles away from the Calabasas ranches, with Kanye and Milo communicating mainly through digital channels using platforms such as Discord, Zoom & Slack per lawsuit.

Milo is also said to have promised the developer group $120,000 if they finished it in April 2024 with those working conditions and didn't complain. Yet the scenario turned nasty in no time. According to the lawsuit, Kanye made all of his employees sign non-disclosure agreements and would fire minors if they refused.

Smaller developers were also forced to sign "volunteer" agreement According to the suit, white managers in charge of international and minority workers allegedly cursed them out of a spiteful work ambiance. The Caucasian managers verbally harassed over group chats about race, gender, se-ual orientation and national origin.

Slaves and New Slaves Milo VomitChug allegedly once sent a Black/brown skin emoji to an African American team member, and called another younger worker a school shooter. Its employees were also pushed into working long hours of unpaid overtime.

The next thing I knew was Kanye West telling Bianca on the phone that at some point in late April he had decided to create an adult film business called "Yeezy Porn" and asked for her help collecting content, she would send a file sharing link full of explicit videos above as proof, according to workers.

The porn app may be child-resistant, but the same cannot not said for all those racy videos used to develop it. Bianca is not listed as a defendant. Fast forward to May 1, 2024, the team delivered a final app after accelerated production.

The lawsuit alleges that the employees were never paid for their work by Kanye or Milo which led to a string of allegations.

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