'Beverly Hills Cop' Star Promises 'Axel F' Will Save the Franchise

Exciting Updates on the 'Beverly Hills Cop' Franchise

by Zain ul Abedin
'Beverly Hills Cop' Star Promises 'Axel F' Will Save the Franchise
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Eddie Murphy is set to return in "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F," and as stated by Bronson Pinchot, this should left the marks of becoming a worthy continuation of the series after the total failure of third movie. With Serge since the first movie in 1984, Pinchot expressed his views to TMZ; he is optimistic about the success of the new movie in recreating the glorious days of the series.

Bronson Pinchot emphasized that "Axel F" recaptures the magic that made the first two films '80s blockbusters. A key factor in this success is the return of the original cast. This nostalgic reunion promises to deliver the classic buddy-cop dynamic that fans love.

Bronson Pinchot described the third film's failure with a metaphor: On the contrary, I compare it to a dear little bird flying headlong into a wall in an attempt to avoid something but living to tell the tale. He feels that the series is now alleviating, the same way the bird did.

Eddie's Honest Take

Speaking of opinions, even the main actor, Eddie Murphy, has openly stated that he was not satisfied with the third movie. Recently, in the Late Night with Seth Meyers show, Eddie Murphy complained that the movie did not have a good villain.

This time, however, that issue is solved with the power of Kevin Bacon as the opponent of the hero. Murphy unknowingly exposed this twist during his interview; this only fuels the public’s interest on the new film. Regarding that, Bronson Pinchot mentioned that it was easy to return to portraying Serge because people constantly DM him on Cameo.

Clearly, due to his recurrent interactions with the character, it was easy for him to fall back into the shoes of Serge. He also had enthusiasm towards the original cast and clearly mentioned about Judge Reinhold John Ashton and Paul Reiser.

In Pinchot’s view, friendly relationships between the cast have remained the same and there is still unity among them. "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" is due for release on the 3rd of July on Netflix.