Eric Dane Opens Up About Leaving 'Grey’s Anatomy' After 6 Seasons

Eric Dane reflects on his Grey's Anatomy exit

by Zain ul Abedin
Eric Dane Opens Up About Leaving 'Grey’s Anatomy' After 6 Seasons
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Over ten years after his departure from Grey’s Anatomy and the subsequent show, Hawaii Five-O, Eric Dane is finally speaking about his exit from the show that brought him fame and recognition. In an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast which aired recently, Dane explained, "I didn’t leave so much as I was let go," although he also disclosed the details about his firing due to his addiction issues on the Shondaland series that has run for so many years.

In an interview with ABC’s medical drama program, Dane freely confessed that even though he was sober for roughly four years before joining the cast in 2006, he was more ‘messed up’ than sober while on the show.

It may have been a cause of the increasing demands that accompany fame. "They didn’t let me go because of that, although it definitely didn’t help," Dane added. "I was starting to become, as most actors do after spending significant time on a show, very expensive for the network.

And the network knew that the show would continue its success irrespective of who stayed on. As long as they had their Grey, they were fine."

Dane's Departure Explained

Dane said, "I wasn’t the same guy they had hired.

So, I understood when I was let go. And Shonda [Rhimes] was really great. She protected us fiercely. She protected us publicly. She protected us privately. … But I was probably fired. It wasn’t ceremonious like, 'You’re fired,' it was just like, 'You’re not coming back.'

" Joining the series in Season 2, the character Dr. Mark Sloan died in Season 9 after a plane crash shown in Season 8. Dane puts on the show’s character again in Season 17 episode in 2021, where several characters are shown as hallucinations of a patient, Meredith Grey, portrayed by Ellen Pompeo, who was battling COVID-19.

While still at the ITV station, Dane checked into a rehabilitation center for prescription drug addiction that he was suffering from resulting from a sports injury. In order to be able to say that this story was about healing, this was a major step forward for him.

Currently, Dane is set to appear in the third season of HBO’s Euphoria, which has been postponed due to Covid-19 and has also been included in the cast of the Amazon series Countdown with Jensen Ackles and Jessica Camacho.