Donald Trump Repeats 'Palestinian' Slur for Second Week

Trump Renews Attacks on Schumer with Derogatory Remarks at Rally.

by Nouman Rasool
Donald Trump Repeats 'Palestinian' Slur for Second Week
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In a Virginia campaign rally Saturday, former president Donald Trump launched yet another insult involving the phrase "Palestinian," this time directing it at Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D). It was also the second such case this week of Trump using it in a tweet, which worries some political observers who say that term is pejorative.

Trump criticized Schumer, who is Jewish, during the rally, insinuating that Schume's pivot was political. Trump remarked to the crowd, 'Look at a guy like Senator Schumer.' I have known him for years, coming out of New York.

But now, he’s a Palestinian. Congratulations to him. He was a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people. Not anymore."

Schumer's Critical Stance

Schumer has faced criticism on the political left for his comments about Israel in its current clash with Hamas, while Trump's rhetoric is just a way to remind people after more than 12 years that Schumer has also favored racially charged language before.

The fighting has claimed numerous lives, with reports of some 38,000 dead since the U.S.-backed Israeli military campaign began. In March, Schumer publicly questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership and demanded his resignation over how he was handling everything.

Trump also invoked the word "Palestinian" in a pejorative sense during one of his televised debates with President Joe Biden, implying Biden was not sufficiently loyal to Israel. "Sleepy Joe Biden," Trump said, "He has gone worse...

he's also like a Palestinian." But this accusation was levelled even as the Biden administration promised a recent $1 billion top in military aid to Israel, all while international reports accuse that country of breaching human rights laws.

Trump also alluded to domestic reactions in general sparked by the Gaza conflict, including student protests nationwide against Israel's military actions. Trump in a display of toughness threatened to deport overseas students if they rioted.

During a closed-door meeting1 with donors, he said - "Every student that is protesting ought to be kicked out of the country." Trump's repeated use of "Palestinian" as an insult also fits with a divisive pattern that transcends domestic to international political strategy: by framing identity and allegiance in American political rhetoric.

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