Eddie Murphy Reveals John Belushi and Robin Williams Offered Him Coke

Murphy shares insights into Hollywood’s challenges and personal reflections.

by Nouman Rasool
Eddie Murphy Reveals John Belushi and Robin Williams Offered Him Coke
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Eddie Murphy has revealed a Quincy Jones secret about an early '80s night party that involved John Belushi and... The iconic star revealed in a Q&A he turned it down after the pair plied him with cocaine on a night out - and says they will always be thankful.

Murphy detailed the exciting night in an interview with The Interview podcast from New York Times, which was released Saturday. I was 19 - and had gone to Blues Bar. Murphy revealed, "It was Belushi and me and Robin Williams.

“Then they started breaking out the coke, and I was like, ‘No, bruh. " The "Beverly Hills Cop" star, 63, said his choice to turn down the drug had nothing to do with any moral stand. Murphy continued, “I just had no interest in partaking”.

To be devoid of wish or curiosity, I'd call that providence. That was God looking after me."

Cautionary Tales

Reflecting on the losses of several others in his field, such as Michael Jackson, whom Murphy said he "knew was a great guy," Elvis Presley and Belushi -- who he called "cautionary tales" -- and Williams.

Belushi, who was 33 at the time of his death in a heroin overdose and Williams (he committed suicide in2014), he took away 63 years. Jackson and Presley also died unnecessarily young. “When you get famous really young, especially if you’re a Black artist...you’re living in the minefield.

A moment something else can turn it all back around," Murphy said in his New York Times interview. "Like this is happening, but I had no idea," he said. That he has made it out of such a treacherous landscape was something Murphy felt thankful for and not much else.

“Then these years, I can look back now at this age and say ‘Fuck man I walked through a minefield for 35 fucking years. How do you get through a minefield for 35, 40 years? There must be a guardian angel watching over you,' he mused.

Photo: Getty Images Murphy launched his career at the young age of 19, getting his start on Saturday Night Live. Although he reached great notoriety, he shared that he never got into drinking and smoked weed for the first time at 30 years old.

At the same interview, Murphy also addressed his feud with David Spade. Spade and Murphy ended up in a feud after Spade mocked the success of Murphy during an episode "Saturday Night Live" in 1995. It was like, ‘Yo, how could you do that? My career? Really? A joke about my career?" Murphy recalled.

MS: So I felt that bit was a low blow into my guts. This is part of their full conversation with Here & Now: LATEEF HIGHLANDER 13 YEARS OLD "She just walked away from me and went to the other line, right?