Andy Cohen Regrets Asking Oprah About 'Lady Pond' Experience

Cohen reflects on memorable moments from his talk show

by Zain ul Abedin
Andy Cohen Regrets Asking Oprah About 'Lady Pond' Experience
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More recently, AC claimed to have embarrassed himself in front of Oprah when interviewing her back in 2013, and he still blushes at the memory. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Cohen, 56 at the time, said that such an incident was one out of the few things he could regret about his career.

During an interview on her show, Watch What Happens Live, Cohen once asked Oprah a question that many critics deemed as homophobic. More specifically, he asked her if she ever had "taken a dip in the lady pond," meaning if she ever slept with a woman.

"We're about to end the show, it's gone brilliantly and I turn around and ask her if she's ever had s-x with a woman," Cohen said. The TV host later defended himself saying, "That’s probably one of my few regrets," said the host, when asked by ET.

He said that he asked that question on his Bravo show as the ‘classic’ but regretted why he had posed it.

Oprah's Graceful Response

ET has had the opportunity of capturing the moment in a video that shows more of Winfrey’s 70-year beautiful face as she answers Cohen’s question straightforward, "No, I have not.

Thank you." To which Cohen said to ET, spreading his arms, "It meant so much to me that Oprah Winfrey did the show," Cohen told ET. "It's gone brilliantly and I turn around and ask her if she's every had s-x with a woman.

I mean, couldn't I leave it alone?" Still, there was an unfortunate silence for a second; Cohen seemed to acknowledge Winfrey’s personality and elegance. It is worth to emphasize that after the cameras had been switched off, Winfrey did not make him feel uncomfortable regarding his intrusive question.

But speaking to Oprah’s best friend Gayle King he got an idea of what Oprah had to say about him. "Gayle King told me later that week that Oprah didn't know what I meant by 'the lady pond,' " he said. "I thought I explained it pretty well there, but listen, I was so grateful that Oprah did the show and I still am." Nonetheless, in his recent interview, Cohen accord the encounter a nostalgic disposition."That remains, I think, my favorite episode [of WWHL]," he said.

Cohen was interviewed on ET recently as part of the show that prepares to mark WWHL’s 15th year this June. Depending on the interview format, the host asked different questions regarding highs and lows of Cohen’s career, and this moment was discussed.