Shemar Moore Open to More Kids Despite 'Full House'

Shemar Moore reflects on his evolving family dynamics

by Zain ul Abedin
Shemar Moore Open to More Kids Despite 'Full House'
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In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Shemar Moore - the 54-year-old star of S.W.A.T. - opened up about whether or not he wants to have more children and be married. Moore, who shares 1-year-old daughter Frankie with girlfriend Jesiree Dizon, opened up about what's next for their brood "Possibly.

But I ain’t no Spring Chicken and Ms. Thing [Dizon], she’s already got two wonderful kids - her son, Kayden, who’s 17, and her little daughter Charlie, who’s 6 - and they’re sweethearts," said Moore. "And then we got little Frankie.

We got our dog, Tyson. So we got a full house." Moore, an only child himself who grew up wanting to be able to give someone else his full focus, highlighted how he wanted that for Frankie as well. "I was raised an only child, so I’m all about.

I’m not going to live forever," Moore said. "And let’s say I make it to 90, that puts Frankie at 37. So I’d rather give her 37 years of all of me, than worry twice and split that up."

Embracing Fatherhood Joyfully

Frankie was born in January 2023 and Moore embarked on his fatherhood journey.

When Hudson asked the question if he wanted more children, Moore responded in glee on The Jennifer Hudson Show exclaiming, "Right now, I'm enjoying what I got." When it comes to his newfound status as a dad, Moore joked that he follows Dizon's lead in all things mommy-hood and fatherhood.

"So I'm baby-stepping, just trying to figure it all out." Moore took great pride in Frankie's milestones. He called her his 'little miracle' to PEOPLE in April. He shared a touching story of when Frankie took her first steps the night after they found out S.W.A.T.

was renewed for season 2. "She’s walking!" Moore exclaimed. "She waited for me to get off of work. I get the announcement that S.W.A.T. is coming back for season 8 and 22 episodes and literally the next day, she walked 10 steps. Now she’s waddling all over the house."