Martin Short's Jiminy Glick Interviews Sean Hayes, Bill Hader

Martin Short delights with humor on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

by Zain ul Abedin
Martin Short's Jiminy Glick Interviews Sean Hayes, Bill Hader
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Character Jiminy Glick was the creation of Martin Short, who returned it to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" where he performed comedy interviews with Sean Hayes, Bill Hader. Short as usual, stick to his comic character showed yet again that he has a special talent for mixing laughter with bitter truths on his guests as well as audience members.

In a segment with Sean Hayes, Short as Glick, fell to the extent of quipping that Hayes resembled had undergone plastic surgery, which he had not. He went on to even ask Hayes to take the donuts he had sneezed on at one point and make a coronavirus joke out of it.

In the conversation and when recapping Hayes’ resume, Glick pretended not to care that Hayes starred in "Will & Grace" and made a remark, annoying Hayes of the podcast named "SmartLess" featuring Hayes, Bateman, and Arnett.

The exchanges between them went on, culminating with Hayes stating that Glick should begin his podcast, to which Short fired back with a sarcastic remark about his monetary wealth.

Tony Award Win & Cake

In an informal manner, Short remembered Hayes winning the recent Tony Award, which had therefore implied that the competition of the year was jokingly easy.

The birthday aspect became rather ridiculous especially when Short 'brought in' a cake for Hayes and proceeded to cut the man a ridiculous slice while he captured a large portion himself in what was a great representation of their relationship.

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Of course, Glick, Short’s fictional character in the show, was at it again in his interview with Bill Hader act of feigning disappointment for not being able to interview an 'A-lister' but at the same time, having apparently enjoyed meeting Hader.

They said a joke referring to some hypothetical time that Hader presumably spent at Diddy's pool house, to which Hader said, no, he never did.

@jimmykimmellive Jiminy Glick interviews Bill Hader! ? original sound - Jimmy Kimmel Live
The talk started to become very much cheerful when Short wanted to know about Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live and this led to a joke about Michaels handwriting smelling like chicken piccata and silver dollars.

Nonetheless, George Hader did extremely well, has two Emmies for his work in HBO’s "Barry," but Short’s Glick throwaway character ruthlessly retained the initiative, finishing with the question/comment/question - "What are you doing next?"