Jared Padalecki Blasts CW, Reacts to 'Walker' Axing: 'Can't Fire Me Twice'

Padalecki Critiques CW for Strategic Shift After 'Walker' Cancellation.

by Nouman Rasool
Jared Padalecki Blasts CW, Reacts to 'Walker' Axing: 'Can't Fire Me Twice'
© Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The actor known for his involvement in the shows such as ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Gilmore Girls,’ and the recently axed ‘Walker,’ reboot has had some harsh words for the CW Network after his most recent show was unceremoniously canceled.

In an interview with Variety, Padalecki expressed his disappointment and confusion regarding the network’s decision to cancel “Walker,” a hit show at that. Last month the CW made waves by canceling ‘Walker,’ a modern television show based on ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ in which Padalecki stars as Cordell Walker.

This came after the network that had changed ownership decided to redefine its strategic plan by shifting to produce programs that are cheaper and less provocative as compared to earlier plans.

Overseas Grief and Discontent

Padalecki, who was in another country when the cancellation news came in, complained about the inability to properly grieve about the show.

”I had meetings with the head of CBS Studios and the Head of Nexstar/CW for ‘Walker’ and other ‘Walker’ executive producers,” he said. Padalecki also mentioned that the new direction of Nexstar for the CW means the opposite of cultivating quality programming, but rather the network is going for cheaper content fillers.

Introducing a more ethical reflection of his long-standing experience with the CW that started in 2005 by playing Sam Winchester in Supernatural, Padalecki stigmatized a significant change in the network’s values. “The CW I knew last year is a lot different from its new identity following the nearly two-decade reign of its power player Mark Pedowitz,” he said.

As you will learn, under the leadership of and then-chairman Pedowitz, who left in September 2022, the network had a different idea of what television in its expansive form should hold dear. While “Walker’s” demise was an issue of disappointment, Padalecki teased a different show or project as well as potential to work with “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke in season four of the Boys on Prime Video.

This implies that, although one door might have been shut, another door jam-packed with great potential for the beloved actor is about to open.