Paul Walter Hauser Accuses Vin Diesel of On-Set Mistreatment

Paul Walter Hauser speaks out in a candid interview

by Zain ul Abedin
Paul Walter Hauser Accuses Vin Diesel of On-Set Mistreatment
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Recently, there was Paul Walter Hauser from I, Tonya who decided to start the drama in Hollywood that did not wait for its participants in an interview with CinemaBlend, where he criticized Vin Diesel for mistreating the crew and cast during the shooting.

Even if he was never employed to work with Diesel, Hauser did not mince his words voicing his disdain at how the star of the “Fast & Furious” series conducted himself on set. This came up during a discussion about the character in 'Pixar Animation Studios’ upcoming sequel “Inside Out 2,” with the interviewer likening Hauser to Diesel starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series with the character Groot.

Do not put it that way,” he replied, “I believe that I am punctual and friendly”. Hauser went on to clarify his position towards Hollywood’s highly paid celebrities who reportedly abuse their directors of photography.

I like people but when I hear stories of Hollywood actors being paid way much and yet they ill-treat people… I expose them almost every time, and it is fun! ” he noted, as he assumed a very robust position against any form of malpractice in Hollywood.

Diesel's Rocky Relations

This is not the first time that Diesel has been criticized for his actions. He was previously involved in a public Twitter feud with actor Dwayne Johnson, which started after Johnson signed for the franchise in 2011.

This made the rivalry between the two, which resulted in a real-life confrontation between the actors. However, signs of reconciliation appeared when Johnson made a surprise return in a post-credits scene of "Fast X," hinting at his involvement in the upcoming "Fast XI" and a Hobbs-centered spin-off, bridging the narrative between "Fast X" and "Fast X: Part II".

In several interviews, Diesel has talked about the brotherly relationships that have formed amongst the cast of the Fast & Furious franchise about love being filmed on set. In a featurette that was released not long ago he said that he is proud of the cast and the effort to ensure harmony in the set.

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Diesel explained, “We lead with love”. “It is our endeavor that we make people work in a manner where they are at their best. ” Diesel’s antics on set are in sharp contrast to the public statements he has made, which only further complicates the persona that the star presents in and out of character .

While the story is still being written, both supporters of the series and its detractors will be waiting for further descriptions of the contradictory courses that these narratives might take in the fast-paced atmosphere of one of the most successful spin-offs in the Hollywood industry.

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