Jack Smith Counters Donald Trump's Moves

Jack Smith disputes Trump's delay tactics in classified documents case.

by Nouman Rasool
Jack Smith Counters Donald Trump's Moves
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Jack Smith the special counsel has complained that the former president, Donald Trump has tried to prolong a gag order request in the classified documents case. Smith, the attorney in charge of Trump’s federal cases, pointed that the court specifically provided that no further briefings would be entertained.

In a filing on Thursday, Smith said, “The Court’s order issued after the hearing leaves no doubt that no additional briefings are permitted. ”Trump is answering to forty federal charges pertaining to the mishandling of classified documents seized from his property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida after he left the presidency in January 2021.

These charges include interfering with federal authorities’ attempts at seizing the documents. To date, Trump has entered a plea of not guilty in all the charges made against him. Newsweek has contacted Trump’s attorney and Jack Smith’s office for the response on Friday.

Smith wants a new condition of bail wherein Trump cannot make statements regarding any witness in the classified-documents case. Earlier in September 2022, Trump alleged that FBI agents were specifically told to shoot him during the raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate in August 2022.

This was done using a standard FBI search order request procedure which contains a stated phrase that agents trained to use force, lethal in this particular case. Smith wrote in the filing, that Trump’s statements put the lives of FBI agents in danger.

Smith Denounces Trump

In the recent filing, Smith pointed to Trump’s effort to defraud Judge Aileen Cannon’s order not to provide any other briefings on the gag-order matter. "Despite the plain and unambiguous text of the Court's order.

Trump requests leave to file a response to the Government's Notice. The Government understands that the Court meant what it said in its June 24, 2024 minute order: Smith stated, “No additional briefing will be permitted.

” As to Trump’s request, it should be denied. It remains relevant to mention that in the classified documents criminal case, the search warrant employed in the 2022 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was unsealed in May.

The raid ended in the confiscation of several hundred documents marked classified, leading to several dozen felony charges against Trump. Afterwards, Trump shared fake information regarding the warrant on his Truth Social platform claiming that the Department of Justice “AUTHORIZED THE FBI TO USE DEADLY (LETHAL) FORCE.

” An email circulated by Trump’s campaign also referred to FBI agents as being “authorized to shoot” Trump and accused President Joe Biden of being “locked & loaded and ready to take me [Trump] out.

” However, the FBI clarified that similar wording is typical in such warrants and they also used ‘deadly force’ during the search of Biden’s residence in Delaware for classified documents. As to the FBI practices in searches as we do for all search warrants, there is a standard policy statement that restricts the utilization of fatal force, the agency said that no one instructed additional measures to be taken and there was no deviation from the common practice in this case.

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