Matty Matheson's Funny First Meeting with Jamie Lee Curtis: Friendship Born!

Discover how a classic film forged an unlikely friendship

by Zain ul Abedin
Matty Matheson's Funny First Meeting with Jamie Lee Curtis: Friendship Born!
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In this interview with Variety, Canadian chef and actor Matty Matheson recalls an amusing yet touching story about meeting his childhood crush, Jamie Lee Curtis. The actor, who recently starred in the Hulu series The Bear, shares the story of his first meeting with Curtis at an event that could have been written by Hollywood.

The famous incident reportedly happened at the Golden Globes or something before Curtis signed up for the second season of the show. Matheson, who was filled with excitement, decided to consult with the creator of the series, Christopher Storer, on how to approach Curtis.

From this encouragement, there followed a natural introduction which would prove to be the start of a most extraordinary friendship. "I called Chris and was like, 'Can I just go up and say hello to her?' And he was like, 'For sure!

Go say what’s up!' " Matheson said. When Matheson came closer, Curtis knew who he was and, laughing loudly, shouted, "I know who the f--- you are! Get over here!" From that point on, they were friends. Matheson clearly paints Curtis as 'our big mama,' emphasizing on how friendly she is despite not being in front of the camera.

Shared Cinematic Bonds

Their friendship developed further over their mutual love for the film, Curtis’s 'Trading Places' that Matheson has grown to love. The film where, together with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, telling the story of an executive and a con man who exchanged their lives because of the bet, has also influenced him.

"We loved that movie growing up. Never in a million years - and now we’re friends! We’re texting! She really is an incredible person," Matheson gushed. Matheson also briefly discussed the difficulty of concealing future developments, particularly because 'The Bear' seasons three and four were being shot simultaneously.

Since season three has only been recently aired, Matheson confessed that he became so wrapped up in the series that he has not seen beyond the fourth episode of the show. "We can’t talk about a bunch of stuff. But I kind of forget everything, which is perfect because I’m like, ‘I don’t even know.’ I haven’t even watched the season, actually," he added.

Audiences can watch all the new episodes of the third season of "The Bear" available on Hulu and Disney+, where Matheson maintains a unique combination of cooking abilities and genuine acting talent.

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