Trump Vows to End Ukraine Conflict in Fiery Debate Tirade

Biden and Trump clash over foreign policy in debate

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump Vows to End Ukraine Conflict in Fiery Debate Tirade
© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In the recent debate, Donald Trump angered people by categorically accusing Joe Biden of causing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine then proceeded to boldly declare that he will solve the war if given another shot at the presidency.

As the tensions rose, Trump criticized not only Biden, but also the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky; Trump stated that he was capable of ending the long lasting conflict before he enters the presidency in January. Trump, who has always shown affinity towards the Russian administration, was quite harsh on Biden for his management of foreign relations particularly the Ukrainian issue.

"I will have that war settled between [Vladimir] Putin and [Volodymyr] Zelensky as president-elect," Trump announced, without revealing much of his plans but insisting on a short time. He accused the Ukrainian President, Zelensky, of embezzling U.S.

money; he said, "Every time Zelensky comes to this country he walks away with $60 billion dollars."

Biden Strikes Back

The debate also had a moment where Biden, 81, seeking to counterattack labelled Putin as a war criminal - harsh words directed towards Trump for his prior remarks that seemed to encourage Russia in its military decisions.

"The fact is that Putin is a war criminal." Biden responded, pointing to the dangers of potential expansion of such conduct in European nations, including NATO member countries such as Poland and Belarus if unchecked. Trump also associated Biden's foreign policy with other global occurrences, especially accusing him of causing the October 7 massacre in Israel last year that spiralled into catastrophic violence in Gaza.

He said such acts of violence under Biden’s administration depicted a declining America, which he said made leaders of groups like Hamas and the Taliban fiercer and witnessed regrowth in the latter nation after the withdrawal of American forces.

More than focusing solely on Ukraine, Trump criticized Biden and his overall strategy, painting it as weak and failed. "You had no terror at all under my administration," Trump pointed this out, implying that the world’s mess is due to Biden’s poor leadership.