Jon Stewart: Biden, Trump Need Drugs for Better Debate Performance

Jon Stewart critiques debate performances with sharp humor

by Zain ul Abedin
Jon Stewart: Biden, Trump Need Drugs for Better Debate Performance
© Charley Gallay/Getty Images

During the live episode of "The Daily Show" immediately after the presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Jon Stewart didn’t hold back. Stewart’s 'attacks' were not only on the candidate's performance during the debate but also on the concept of the debate itself, all the while providing humour which his audiences found rather amusing.

As the show opened, Stewart immediately connected with viewers by acknowledging their shared experience: "We just watched what you watched." His statement established the premise for a commentary that would switch between parody and genuine criticism.

He joked that both candidates could use steroids to enhance their thought processes for the debates. Stewart joked that after the debate that both these men need to be given performance enhancing drugs as far as the debates were concerned and as much of it as they could take.

Biden's Debate Struggles

Stewart’s remarks extended to the specific attributes of the candidates, with a sharp critique aimed at improving "their lucidity, their ability to solve problems, and in one of the candidate’s cases, improve their truthfulness, morality and malignant narcissism." His prescription was delivered with his typical comedic flair: "Then suppository away.

They should take whatever magical drugs can kick their brains into gear, because this ain’t Olympic swimming." During the segment, Stewart analysed the candidates’ challenges in the course of the debate. He said that Biden looked uncomfortable and stumbled over words, especially when it came to policy details.

This led Stewart to joke about the broader Democratic response: "Anybody can fuck up talking. I’m sure it’s not something that, repeated throughout the debate, is causing Democrats across the country to either jump out of windows or vomit silently into the nearest recycling bin." Stewart described Trump’s performance by falsehoods which were presented in a fairly logical and coherent manner and made a joke about the former president’s honesty and appearance.

Stewart also made light of Trump’s denial of an affair with Stormy Daniel, saying, "She was a porn character actor at best." The critique was not only directed at the candidates because Stewart also attacked the nature of the debate as well as the media.

He lambasted CNN for not fact-checking the candidates live and criticized the strict time constraints: "Who came up with these dumbass fucking rules and why would any of these people agree to them?"