Jason Kelce Celebrate Brother Travis and Taylor Swift's Relationship at Charity Event

Kelces Promote Autism Awareness at Star-Studded Charity Event.

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Kelce Celebrate Brother Travis and Taylor Swift's Relationship at Charity Event
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has publicly endorsed his brother Travis Kelce’s relationship with pop singer Taylor Swift. At an event organized by the Eagles Autism Foundation (via footage shared on X by CBS reporter), a 36-year-old retired football player, expressed his interest and support for the couple’s emerging relationship.

All Jason could say was, ‘We just want to be supportive of him and their relationship and everything that they’ve got going on because it’s so wonderful right now. ’ The event which aimed to foster awareness for autism also became an opportunity for Jason to relay how he and his wife Kylie witnessed Taylor Swift’s powerful concert at the Wembley Stadium in London recently.

Praising the weekend as epic, Jason went on record to recount the impressive performances of Swift in contemporary episodes of her career. He spoke to Taylor and, referring to what she has done in such a short space of time and throughout her whole career, said ‘It’s mind-blowing’.

London Trip Highlights

The trip to London couldn’t have been more exciting for the Kelce couple as Travis joined Swift on stage during the performance of “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart,” further enhancing the concert experience for the audiences.

When asked how the relationship has affected their lives, Jason stated: There’s no question it’s changed his life, but noted it has changed Travis’ more. During the event, Kylie Kelce gained tremendous popularity.

This was followed by a video of her singing along to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ while balancing three pitchers of beer and it trended on social media where fans applauded her performance and even the official account of the couple, Tayvis Nation tweeted, “Kylie singing along to love story ??? oh she is such an icon I’m sorry”.

It is evident that the charity event held in Sea Isle NJ was not merely about spotting celebrities and going viral. It also acted as a platform for Jason and Kylie to meet children with autism and give them autographs as well as interact with them.

This is an important aspect of our work in the Foundation and many of us feel passionate about helping these children, closely interacting with them, especially with the kids that are on the spectrum, that are in need of support and assistance.

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