Dick Van Dyke Defends Biden Against Ageism: 'I'm Older and Still Sharp!'

Van Dyke contrasts first meetings with Trump, Biden

by Zain ul Abedin
Dick Van Dyke Defends Biden Against Ageism: 'I'm Older and Still Sharp!'
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

On The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter Podcast, the 98 years old Hollywood star, Dick Van Dyke revealed his political allegiance and announced that he will vote for Joe Biden for the upcoming presidential election.

The veteran actor, who supporting Bernie Sanders in the past, was able to share his thoughts and his points of view, as well as his humor, of course, being the old man that he is. Van Dyke, who is not a stranger to politics, endorsed Biden and brushed off the issue of Biden’s age in a rather diplomatic manner.

"I’m going to support [Joe] Biden," he said to an interviewer from the Scott Feinberg’s podcast, adding, "I’ve got all my marbles, and I’m old enough to be his father." Thus, the actor not only proved that he is capable of making the decision, but also shared his thoughts on the age-related comments towards Biden.

Nevertheless, Van Dyke had some concerns regarding Biden’s performance in the following debates, especially the president’s "difficulty debating."

Van Dyke Recalls Encounters

In a rather nostalgic mood, Van Dyke shared the time he met both Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the first time and drew a clear picture between the two.

He said he once encountered Trump at a Malibu bash, where the candidate donned a loud Hawaiian shirt and was escorted by a young woman; he said Trump had treated him rudely."And he looked down on me like, ‘Who are you?'" Van Dyke said, saying that he "never seen him laugh" which he implied meant something was wrong with the man.

Humorously, the two of them were meeting for the first time and seemed to hit it off quite well with each other. "Yes, I met Joe Biden," Van Dyke said. "I used to be as tall as you are. I used to have hair like you. I liked him right away." Check the latest episode of Awards Chatter for full conversation of Van Dyke.