Justin Timberlake Hugs John Legend at Madison Garden, Clip by Teigen

Chrissy Teigen captivates fans with playful social media antics

by Zain ul Abedin
Justin Timberlake Hugs John Legend at Madison Garden, Clip by Teigen
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During the star match at Madison Square Garden, a video of Justin Timberlake and John Legend was posted by Chrissy Teigen that went viral on social media. June 26th was definitely an evening of unity and groove as Timberlake’s Forget Tomorrow World Tour indeed captured the audience.

But the show-stealing moment was when Timberlake moved through the crowd to embrace John Legend, who was standing with his wife, Chrissy Teigen. The "S-xyBack" singer’s loud cheer of "John Legend in the house, y’all!" truly portrayed the joyousness of the reunion.

The audience cheered when he hugged Legend, the singer behind the famous hit 'All of Me,' and Legend blew kisses back at his co-artist.

Justin Timberlake Hugs John Legend© CHRISSY TEIGEN/INSTAGRAM

Chrissy Teigen who had on a 'Justin' hat in support of her friend, Timberlake was quickest to capture this moment on her Instagram stories.

This video was the more light-hearted part of the evening as Teigen and Legend were seen laughing and dancing with their tongues out to Timberlake’s song, "F--kin’ Up The Disco. "

Teigen's Humorous Posts

This, however, did not end the social media posts.

Teigen also posted a funny video to get Timberlake’s attention for her stylist Alana Van Deraa who was sitting in audience and waving. "She hasn’t stopped waving, please wave to her @justintimberlake," she wrote, as always, demonstrating her great sense of humor.

Of course, it was not the first Timbaland’s concert for the couple this year. Before this, in March, Teigen had celebrated on Instagram when Timberlake performed with his *NSYNC group members during the American Music Awards in Los Angeles and sang the popular song "Girlfriend." Accompanying this, Timberlake had been recently in the news after his first social media update after he was arrested for DWI a couple of weeks prior.

He seized the moment to call out the New York Knicks when he was performing on June 25 with tour merchandise t-shirts in the Knicks' colors, thus, reiterating his relationship with the city and its people.

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