Chris Hemsworth Jokes After Facing Huge Spider: 'No Fear!'

Hemsworth's spider encounter sparks mixed fan reactions

by Zain ul Abedin
Chris Hemsworth Jokes After Facing Huge Spider: 'No Fear!'
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Chris Hemsworth, who is famous for his role as Thor, recently had an encounter with a large spider. The 40-year-old Australian actor, decided to share this event with his followers on Instagram. He posted a video of himself cautiously approaching a gigantic spider’s web on Thursday.

The man seemed in awe and slightly whispered to himself, "Look at that" before focusing the camera to show the huge arachnid in an elaborate web. Not soon after this event, the spider quickly crawled on its web, and the Australian actor jumped away from it, whispering to himself.

Although the sight of the spider might have frightened him a bit, the actor quickly shook off the fear with laughter, focusing the camera on the spider once again. In the caption of the post, he stated, "Didn’t even scare me ?."

Fans React to Hemsworth

Unsurprisingly, the comment section was quickly filled with comments of all kinds, some praising the actor’s courage and others sharing the fear of this creature.

"How did you not run away screaming. Maybe that’s what I would have done," stated one of the users. Another jokingly positive comment left by a follower reads, "Showed my daughter and she said mum it’s Thor he’s not afraid of anything." It is a typical response from someone familiar with Hemsworth and the actor’s character.

Nonetheless, such a response reminds of the light-hearted tone of the event.

On a slightly-related note, the actor recently visited Universal Studios with his family. Although the hammer was not the one he used while filming, it is a replica of the movie’s hammer, encased and signed. Interestingly, the actor said, "Celebrity Authentics, I don’t remember signing that." The person off-camera then replied, "Go ask for it back.

If you’re really Thor, go get it then, Go on, lift it up." Both of these events are a good reminder of the unscripted and genuine side of Chris Hemsworth that his fans love, and that he is not too different from his character on screen.

The actor who first picked up the hammer in the film Thor in 2011 has since then became one of the titans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe both on and off screen.

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