Jimmy Kimmel on Partying with Kelce, Swift at McCartney's Bash

Jimmy Kimmel recalls mingling with icons at McCartney’s party

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel on Partying with Kelce, Swift at McCartney's Bash
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In an episode of SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, Jimmy Kimmel disclosed some fascinating facts about an evening at Paul McCartney’s house filled with celebrities. The dinner party transformed into an unplanned, decision-oriented party due to the group’s reckless behavior.

Jimmy Kimmel laughingly described how the order instantly turned into chaos when they decided to visit McCartney’s home. Earlier that night, Taylor Swift offered to DJ, running everything exclusively via her iPhone. The excitement was facilitated by the pop star’s unlimited playlist coming straight from her phone, and, once again, it was not a pre-arranged event with a professional party, making the situation extraordinary.

Additionally, she was at the DJ stand with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The guest list consisted of more than 100 invitees, all prominent in the music or acting business. Besides the hosts, Jimmy Kimmel himself, with his wife, talk show writer Molly McNearney, the most haphazard situation that stood out was the moment they ended up in the kitchen.

While some people attempted dancing to her phone music sounds, others sat in casual positions, chatting with whoever was near. The conclusion was unexpectedly relaxing as Jimmy Kimmel explained how he, Jennifer Aniston, and Courteney Cox ended up gossiping and laughing at a good get-together.

Kimmel's Star-Studded Night

It is worth noting that the talk show presenter admitted feeling anxious knowing some international figures who were present, such as Mick Jagger, whom he failed to meet. However, he eventually gathered enough courage to speak with Bruce Springsteen.

The latter, who Kimmel confessed to admiring, spoke only about the unrealistic situation and history with Elvis. After the event, both could be seen as guests for the latter at parties near Los Angeles. In Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel shared, speaking with Austin Butler, another invitee, that the party was not only an occurrence for the young generation to witness the historical legends who were his personal heroes but also the presence of stars for Butler, such as Tom Hanks, who could not believe he was present at Paul McCartney’s house.

These personalities were not only the focus of entertainment at the party, but also incidents such as the conversation Kimmel had with Springsteen or Butler with Meryl Streep. Each of them is an instance of the kind of people they meet.

For example, the Big Little Lies actor was munching on his vegan pizza, McCartney’s favorite, with the woman who won him an acting career.