Biden Escalates Jan. 6 Critique of Trump Before 2024 Debate

Former President Trump navigates complex legal and political battles

by Zain ul Abedin
Biden Escalates Jan. 6 Critique of Trump Before 2024 Debate
© Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Before the first 2024 presidential debate, Biden launched a direct verbal attack against Trump for his actions during the storming of the Capitol Building in January 2021. This is at a time Biden stands to contend with Trump who was recently cleared in various legal matters.

On Wednesday morning, Biden’s campaign shared a recommendation from a former Republican congressman involved in the January 6 committee. The campaign also put out a new ad that includes a Michigan sheriff’s comments on Trump being silent during the storming of the Capitol.

Kinzinger, along with Georgia’s former lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan, and a former Capitol police officer Harry Dunn also took part in a news conference in Atlanta supporting Biden’s bid for presidency. This was evident when Duncan openly declared his stand for Biden with no regard to the ruling Republican party, further describing Trump as, "morally bereft." The filming occurred at a site important to Georgia politics where Gabriel Sterling, a Republican election official, had complained to Trump directly about the perils of the previous alleged falsehoods.

It prompted him to call on Republicans to abandon Trump and even said at one point that Trump’s moral characteristics were similar to an 'axe murderer', before going on to officially endorse Biden after Trump formally clinched the nomination of the Republican Party.

Both Officer Dunn and Officer Michael Fanone have been attending rallies for Biden and sharing their stories of the violence and being beaten by Trump supporters on January 6. Dunn pointed out that this was nothing but provoked with pro-police flags, Assad criticized Trump for fueling political violence.

Trump's Legal Quagmire

Trump, who has been indicted numerous times and was recently convicted of multiple felonies in New York, did not get the Republicans’ help in his Senate impeachment trial that stemmed from the CAPITOL RIOT.

This decision which in any way ended up sparing him from a lifetime federal office ban was a breakthrough. Even as Trump faces numerous legal cases, like federal and state charges for the insurrection on the Capitol pertaining to the attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, he still occupies the space of a powerful Republican actor.

This is the time he is to be sentenced on the New York convictions while he has to attend the Republican National Convention, where he is expected to give acceptance speech for the presidency. The next debate which is to be scheduled on and is to be telecast by CNN, PBS and C-SPAN is highly significant as a second debate by ABC is planned in September.

It could play a tremendous role specifically in shaping the year 2024 election’s prospects in terms of presidential campaign.