Martin Short Mocks Trump, Exposes Melania's Sole 'Expectation'

Martin Short discusses Melania's White House reluctance humorously

by Zain ul Abedin
Martin Short Mocks Trump, Exposes Melania's Sole 'Expectation'
© Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Comedian Martin Short, who guest hosted "Jimmy Kimmel Live" did not waste the opportunity to make fun of former President Donald Trump and implying Melania Trump may even have second thoughts about moving back to the White House.

Speaking during his short tenure, Short jokingly stated that he was under contract to crack jokes about Trump. Short gave a rather sad, funny revelation that Melania Trump only despises her time in Washington D.C. She will never be back First Lady again, let alone returning to politics should Trump win another term.

This revelation came at the middle of his routine which was a mixture of comedy with a bit of sentimentality.

Short's Surprising Sympathy

Thus, Short said, "I actually have a little empathy for Melania," which caused laughter when recalling the former First Lady's situation.

He described her introduction to marriage with Trump as having been in sync with some expectations, perhaps the least being her husband’s lifespan. "And that expectation was that the average life expectancy for an American male is 76.

3 years old," Short riffed on dry actuarial tables immediately after noting that Trump’s birthday this month was the year he turned 78. As another layer to his suggestion, Short said that Melania could think of moving to Canada if the political environment in the U.S.

becomes too intolerable for her. However, he made sure to add, "But as per a story I came across today, there are as many con artists like Trump up there as well”. Here, he linked an instance of psychic fraud in Canada.

This smooth incorporation of topical humor highlighted how Short can bring important social issues wrapped in comedy.