Paul Walter Hauser Clarifies: 'Don't Compare Me to Vin Diesel'

Paul Walter Hauser Distances Himself from Vin Diesel in Interview.

by Nouman Rasool
Paul Walter Hauser Clarifies: 'Don't Compare Me to Vin Diesel'
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The latest flare-up happened in the past few days, when actor Paul Walter Hauser spoke ill of another actor, Vin Diesel, for being unprofessional. The critique happened while the subject was interviewed and the discussion shifted to the distinction of Hauser’s latest performance to what the audience has come to expect from Diesel.

Hauser quickly dismissed the notion, playing up his own professionalism, friendliness and charm against stories of Diesel’s lateness and conflicts with co-stars and crew. These words of Hauser pointed a nose towards his attitude towards conduct in Hollywood.

“I like people but when I listen to stories like actors who earn a lot of money, then they take the same money to maltreat other people I have to expose them. ” By making this statement, Hauser established himself as a defender of respect whose actions aim to confront debatable practices in the industry.

Diesel Clarifies Set Conflicts

In response to previous reports, Diesel has debunk myths regarding conflicts between fellow actors while on set especially with Dwayne Johnson of the Fast & Furious franchise. He justified his aggressive attitude as kind of technical brutality in order to complete the best out of Johnson.

But this has not happened before as Johnson appeared in the latest sequel in a cameo suggesting that there is goodwill between them. However, working for Diesel, the company is sued by a former assistant for se-ual misconduct.

The allegations of Diesel to be involved in such activities have been refuted by Diesel in the strongest terms possible. Thus, describing these narratives while illustrating them, they highlight multiple aspects of Hollywood identity, personality, professionalism, and appearance.

The uninhibited bash that Hauser had given to TV shows and movies made people rethink on the matter of responsibility within the realm of entertainment. His dubiousness about Diesel’s work ethic and moral character also exposed Hauser’s attempt to set himself apart in the business.

The confrontation reveals young actors’ competitiveness and tensions that are quite natural for two performers in different stages of their careers. While Diesel personally retains his action star image, Hauser wants to set himself as the comedic actor of choice. It also raises questions about how such claims of mistreatment or misconduct at work are handled in the age of #MeToo.

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