Judge Reinhold Claims Career Stall Due to 'Executive Murder Plot'

Judge Reinhold reflects on career challenges and industry setbacks.

by Zain ul Abedin
Judge Reinhold Claims Career Stall Due to 'Executive Murder Plot'
© John Sciulli/Getty Images

Cinestar Judge Reinhold, who appeared in Beverly Hills Cop and the movie Vice Versa, revealed the problems he had in his film career, including the movie Vice Versa. During the interview with Vanity Fair, Reinhold revealed that while working on the film he had many pleasant experiences and following that the movie stumbled upon many problems that hurt its final success at the box office.

Reinhold emphasized the role of executives by calling it an ‘executive murder’, and identified David Puttnam, the man behind ‘Chariots of Fire,’ when he bought Columbia Pictures with the express intention of slashing lead actors’ fees whilst offering them generous backend points.

Reinhold had faith in Puttnam practically and spoke of the type of success that the producer could offer; however, Puttnam was let go at the wrong time to show that the strategy was actually doing the right thing. Some difficulties of Vice Versa also stemmed from the timing of its release.

The problem of competing with other body-swap comedies like Like Father Like Son and Big that came out prior to this film also played a role. Reinhold also found out that Coca-Cola-owned Tri-Star Pictures quickly approved Like Father Like Son during the shooting of the Vice Versa film thus making the concept recur in the market.

Career Pride Amid Challenges

Still, with these obstacles in place, Reinhold made effort to state how proud he was that Vice Versa was his first movie where he has billing above the title. He regretted that it was pulled out of circulation a month before Easter, a key time when audiences flocked to cinemas to watch movies, something he said limited the film’s opportunities for success.

Although it failed to elicit a positive response, Reinhold admitted that there has been a newfound generation that is now getting to understand the novelty of the film in addressing the body-swap theme. After Vice Versa, Reinhold managed to sign for television shows, and he was featured in Arrested Development and Monk television series.

The fact that he has remained relevant in entertainment for decades and continues to work on a new installment of the Beverly Hills Cop series, which is being made for Netflix, supports the idea. In the future, Reinhold is confident about it and recalls about the experiences from Vice Versa’s history and the difficulties faced.

As he prepares for the release of Beverly Hills Cop: Regarding the TV show Axel F on Netflix, Reinhold explains that thanks to changes, Vice Versa is now recognized, underscoring that the movie had some difficulties but has stayed relevant.