Drake's $500K Bet Backfires After Oilers' Game 7 Stanley Cup Loss

Drake's recent sports betting ventures face significant setbacks.

by Zain ul Abedin
Drake's $500K Bet Backfires After Oilers' Game 7 Stanley Cup Loss
© Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Canadian rapper, singer, actor, and producer Drake who also enjoys placing bets on sports games was recently dealt a major blow. After the final seventh game of the Stanley Cup Finals in which the Edmonton Oilers lost to the Florida Panthers with the score of 2-1, Drake lost a $500,000 bet.

The Toronto-based rapper had bet a large amount of money on the Oilers in a bid to see Canada win its first cup since the Montreal Canadiens won the title in 1993. The bet if successful would have seen Drake gain a cool $1,025,000 on top of his stake.

However, those dreams were brought to an end by the Panthers who gave Drake a huge loss financially. This is one of the many failed bets that Drake has made in the recent past. Before that, he had wagered $500, 000 on the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics which also went down the drain.

Altogether, these losses amount to one million dollars, a substantial sum of money even for Drake.

Drake's High-Stakes Betting Ventures

Prior to these sporting letdowns, Drake had also put his money on the fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, the heavyweight boxing match.

After investing $565,000 in Fury to win the fight, Usyk, surprisingly, won by split decision making another loss for this star performer financially. Nevertheless, such failures in the sphere of sports betting do not prevent Drake from furthering his adventurous streak and indulging in big risks.

His interest in sports especially in betting has been seen in his recent operations whereby he does not hesitate to wager big stakes with an aim of earning big bucks. In the future, Drake might shift his attention as he moves to the next level with his series of losses.

Since the Toronto Blue Jays are the next team to play against the Boston Red Sox, there will be a new chance to alter his fortune in the betting context. Drake was very active in sports betting, both to enjoy the games and seek benefits from betting with an eye to risk and reward.

These incidents help him to remember the uncertainty of the sports and the money at risk to even the highest ranks such as himself.