Eddie Murphy Teases 'Shrek 5' Details, Announces Donkey Spinoff

Eddie Murphy set to star in awaited Donkey film

by Zain ul Abedin
Eddie Murphy Teases 'Shrek 5' Details, Announces Donkey Spinoff
© Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

It ain’t ogre ‘til it’s ogre, and the beloved ogre, Shrek, is far from done, not to mention his new companion, a talking Donkey. Over two decades since the animated fairytale satire ‘Shrek’ first charmed audiences in 2001, Eddie Murphy has stated that he is returning to voice the role of the fan-favorite character, Donkey, for not only one sequel but two.

Earlier this month, in an interview with Collider, Murphy said that he had been recording his dialogue for Shrek 5 recently, saying, "We started doing Shrek four or five months ago, I think. I recorded the first act, and we'll be doing it this year, we’ll finish it up." According to him, the fifth movie of the main Shrek series has yet to be released and is expected to hit the market in 2025.

Donkey Spinoff Confirmed

Further, in light of last year’s success of the sequel Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and the renewed interest in the Shrek series, Murphy’s desire for a Donkey spinoff is also set to be granted.

Even though its sequel never materialized, Murphy revealed to Collider that there were plans for follow-ups in the series: "Donkey's gonna have his own movie,” he told Collider. “We're gonna do Donkey [movie] as well.

So we're gonna do a Shrek, and we're doing a Donkey." This is the first time where it is confirmed that one of the most popular sidekicks in the Marvel Universe will star in a standalone film. When Shrek Forever After was released in 2010 and branded the last installment, rumors about returning to the franchise with a fifth film have persisted for over a decade.

Chris Meledandri, who manages Illumination Entertainment and the Despicable Me franchise, is still developing Shrek 5. Last year, he said that the original cast, such as Mike Myers for Shrek’s role, were eager to come back.

It’s good timing because the voice of Princess Fiona, Cameron Diaz, is also retiring from acting this year after an 8-year hiatus with the movie Back in Action on Netflix. Between waiting for a new animated fairy tale called “emotional” nostalgia for the cartoons of the early 2000s and the love for the characters and the actors who have been performing for viewers for over twenty years, the prospects for the success of Shrek, Donkey and the rest of the company look quite promising.