Ben Affleck Spotted Without Wedding Ring on Lunch Outing with Daughter

Affleck and Lopez Navigate Tensions Amidst Growing Marital Strain.

by Nouman Rasool
Ben Affleck Spotted Without Wedding Ring on Lunch Outing with Daughter
© Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

There are still rumours concerning the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, which arose after the actor was seen without his wedding ring in Los Angeles this Sunday. Affleck, 51 years of age, looked comfortable as he spent time with his young daughter Violet, aged 18 years, enjoying some food at the Tasty Noodle restaurant.

Sisters Violet, and Seregi, the daughter of the actress Jennifer Garner, chose more romantic looks and a variety of embroidering. Such Affleck sightings are timed to Lopez’s termination of la dolce vita on her Italian tour.

The multi-hyphenate entertainer was captured eating at Lo Scoglio restaurant from Nerano in addition to interacting with friends in Positano. Reports state that Lopez was jovial and happy, taking selfies and mingling with her group of aides beside the backdrop of the beautiful coastline.

However, this act of liberation only raised eyebrows regarding the marital conflict of the couple, Lopez. A friend close to the show biz reported to the Daily Mail that Lopez “has had enough and really tried now to save the marriage, but things are not improving.

” The friend also described Affleck’s disposition as being very much like the Muppet character, Oscar the Grouch.

JLo's Unfair Press

Furthermore, sources close to Lopez suggest the star has only recently felt quite unfairly targeted by unsavoury press.

“They should just see what she has really suffered, then they would stop persecuting her,” made a friend. Still, Affleck’s acting and directorial experience do not leave much room for doubt; nevertheless, his moody personality and apparent lack of a sense of humour have angered Lopez.

Actually, insiders mentioned that the couple did not announce the separation for the whole year to their children during their school year. “They are putting the kids first,” as one insider highlighted Lopez and Affleck’s to avoid any rancour in co-parenting their children.

And it appears that Affleck is feeling the pressure as he spends his days and nights on the set of his new movie, “Accounting 2. ” Lopez, on the other hand, has no schedule other than waiting for the summer season in the Philippines to ponder on the changes she wants in her life after separation.

On the other hand, Lopez’s entourage insists that she’s a strong woman and can overcome the issues that she is facing. A close friend of Matlin noted that, ‘She is really not accustomed to such bad feedback, but she will recover soon, she will go on’.

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