Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Spark Rumors with Intimate Paris Outing

Stars Ignite Romance Rumors During Glamorous Weekend in Paris.

by Nouman Rasool
Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Spark Rumors with Intimate Paris Outing
© Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Parisians must have been very lucky this weekend as famous singers and stars were seen showing a lot of affection to each other. The alleged couple was seen attending the very popular Ferdi restaurant on Saturday evening dressed in grey colour.

While taking photos, Jenner could be seen touching Bad Bunny’s backside, and the singer was more than okay with it as he wrapped his arms around Jenner’s lower back, and she looked happy about it. Following the increase in the romantic stakes, the two proceeded to one of the most popular nightclubs in Paris popular among Hollywood celebrities.

They stunned onlookers with more PDA gestures throughout the night, which depicted they were enjoying each other’s company. This romantic sojourn has happened within the recent couple of weeks in Puerto Rico and Miami, indicating that they have made up.

Rekindling Romance Rumors

Though Jenner and Bad Bunny have not come out to publicly acknowledge that they are an official couple, their behaviour points to it. Despite claims that they separated during the festive season, whispers of reconciliation have circulated for months as they attend ceremonies and visit spots.

Last of all, they went viral after the Met Gala event and even went to see a concert in Orlando together. As Paris Fashion Week continues, Jenner manages to juggle her modelling career and a rather passionate affair. Together with the Spanish singing sensation, she paraded around the City of Love, where their chemistry was as thick as the pasta.

While embracing relaxed physical contact to planning a matching outfit for date night, they do not seem to be hiding their affection for one another. But the question still stands if they will ever take their relationship to the next level of actually coming out as a couple, Bad Bunny’s display of affectionate devotion speaks volumes on his end. Ah, it appears that it is not just the weather that may be hot between these two Hollywood stars.