Bad Bunny's Puerto Rico Tribute: Shop the 'San Juan' Gazelle Sneakers Now

Bad Bunny's Adidas Collaboration Celebrates Puerto Rican Heritage.

by Nouman Rasool
Bad Bunny's Puerto Rico Tribute: Shop the 'San Juan' Gazelle Sneakers Now
© Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Bad Bunny is a prominent figure in the music space and fashion, representatively as the pioneer of Latin Trap and associated with vibrant looks that are both highly personalized and iconic. This new line is not just a product of shoes by Adidas but the spirit of the Puerto Rican island, especially its sparkling capital.

The sneakers have a blue colour that reminds one of the clear water in Puerto Rico or the blue stones in San Juan, therefore depicting the free-spirited Puerto Rican culture and colourful streets of San Juan. This launch also ties in well with cultural events, as Noche de San Juan on June 23 is a holiday in Puerto Rico, which makes for a stronger cultural rather than temporal association.

Currently, the sneaker is retailing at $140 and is expected to be released in physical stores and online shops and may also be shipped to other resale sites including StockX, beginning June 23.

Bad Bunny's Sneaker Story

Adidas partnered with Bad Bunny at the beginning of 2021, the multiple successful collaborations arrived that represent its clothing sense and ties to Puerto Rico.

‘‘I have always loved sneakers,’’ Bad Bunny said in a press release about their collab collection with Adidas. “To them, sneakers were the perfect addition to the style that they desired and the appearance that they wished to maintain based on the workday that lay ahead of them.

” According to him, sneakers are not mere accessories but fundamental to identity and a connection between people. The collaboration between Bad Bunny and Adidas has been promising so far as it has released a number of notable sneakers: Adidas Gazelle Indoor, Adidas Forum Buckle Low as well as Adidas Campus.

Other than Adidas, the three-decade-old popular figure has also worked closely with other big names such as Gucci and Crocs, proving his relevance within and without the fraternity of music and fashion. The Gazelle “San Juan” launch is not like any other shoe release; it reflects the artist’s continued dedication to representing his roots and educating his audience on his Puerto Rican background, making every step in these sneakers a stroll through the lively Latin American culture.